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How to Build Confidence

Do people think you’re more confident than you really feel?

Have you perfected your face for the world, your protective armour, the way you present yourself so that you seem in control most, or all, of the time?

I’ll share a secret with you. Over the years I’ve created an amazing façade of self-confidence and, most of the time, I do feel confident in myself. However, there were times when I felt self doubt, unsure whether my choices or actions were the right ones for myself or for others and I questioned if I really knew what I was doing.   If you can relate to this, then we are not alone!

Perhaps you’re reading this article because you’ve lost something or someone and it’s affected your self-confidence.

Or perhaps you’re reading this because you’ve never really felt 100% confident in yourself, in your abilities, in your beliefs or feel ‘impostor syndrome’ at work.

Our world is either a place filled with warmth and light all of the time; a place filled with some warmth and some light some of the time; a cold, dark place where we have to fight to survive or we just drift and expect nothing much out of our existence.

I’d like you to think back, way back, when we were born kicking and screaming into the world. We were brand new and very confident. We demanded air, we demanded to be fed, we demanded to be clothed, and we demanded to be cleaned because we deserved to be taken care of, to be nurtured, to be educated and to be loved.

What happens to our confidence?

Then stuff happened. We either got what we expected or we didn’t. That influenced the way we now view our world, and placed a filter over our eyes and our minds.

Whatever happened, you’re reading this because you are looking for something that will give you the key to being happier and the feeling of confidence and self belief that you deserve.

What is the key to confidence?   What is the key to knowing the essence of YOU?  Unfortunately, there is no magic key to conjure up a feel-good warm fuzzy feeling. However, I have something better.

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I’ve created this How to Build Confidence Online Course so you can gain the tools to be confidence and develop resilience despite life’s challenges.

Have a look at how you can transition from confused, a little scared and feeling daunted about the future, to confident, clear and excited about the next step in your career!  Click here to find out more.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve coached over 2,000 people to overcome the challenges of change by developing the clarity and the confidence to take control of their careers.  I’d love to help you too.  Let’s have a career clarity chat – it’s complimentary and a chat will help you to understand the steps you can take to build your confidence again. Book here

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For more reading, click here to read an excellent article in Forbes about women and how they can project confidence regardless of age!

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