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This comprehensive Career Transition Outplacement Program provides step-by-step career transition support for professionals who have experienced a redundancy, are seeking a career change or exploring their career options. Max participants per intake: 10. Minimum number of participants for program to run: 5.

A 6-week Group Program covering the journey of self discovery to gain career clarity, and the practical steps to land a new role. 

Sessions are conducted weekly over a 6-week period via Zoom video conference.  There is the option for additional one-on-one coaching via Zoom for those who need additional support.

BONUS: This program also offers accountability support via a private online forum enabling participants to build a powerful peer support network.



For employees about to go through a redundancy, or who have recently been made redundant and need support to make a successful career transition.

This is an 8-hour Workshop that covers all the essential elements to make a successful transition. Be sure to Thrive and not just Survive when making a change! Topics covered are:

✦ Emotional Roller Coaster of Career Change

✦ Assessing what Really Makes you Tick

✦ Creating a Powerful Resume

✦ LinkedIn Profile

✦ Job Search Strategies

✦ Networking Techniques

✦ Interview Preparation. 

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Group Workshop or Online Program
Power up your LinkedIn profile and make it work for you or your business!

Whether you are looking for a job, building your online brand or seeking to promote your business, this 3-hour hands-on workshop ensures you craft the essential elements of your LinkedIn profile to attract your desired audience.

Find out how to reach out to your target market and generate positive results.

Leverage the power of LinkedIn for Success! 

These are Small Group sessions to ensure you receive guidance for your specific needs..  

Or click the LinkedIn for Career Success ONLINE program link below to start on-demand now

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Online Bootcamp
So you think you want to start a business? Find out what you need to do BEFORE you start your business. 

Should you buy a business or become a consultant? Find out the best option for you. 

Gain clarity about your business idea and WHY you’re doing it as well as WHY your customers would come to you, to ensure clarity of purpose and confidence as you build your business.

This fun and informative 5-day ONLINE bootcamp will ensure you gain clarity about your business venture and the  steps you must take to set yourself up for success!

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Full-day workshop or 3x 2-hour webinars
According to research from Mercer, 32% of employees consider their employment a job, not a career. 78% of employees report they would stay with their current employer if they know their career path.

Your Career Development Journey Workshop simplifies the complex and sometimes confusing task of career planning and management. 

Structured career planning is important as it can lead to increased levels of employee satisfaction, fulfillment, engagement and retention at work.

This full-day Career Development Journey Workshop guides participants to understand the career development process.

During the workshop they will question, reflect and discover their true work passions.  They will learn how to research their next career step and set a realistic career plan and then develop the skills to take ownership of, and implement, their plan for career success.

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Workshop or Webinar
Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from hardships. To feel strong and able to cope when times get tough.

In the workplace and in everyday life, we are often pulled in many directions. Our confidence and self-belief can suffer. 

Organisational change, personal change and transition, family responsibilities combined with a heavy workload – this can lead to stress and emotional burnout.

Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of cumulative stress, and gain the techniques and tools to practice self-care and build emotional resilience.

Resilience is a skill that can be learned during this 2-hour Emotional Resilience Workshop and developed over time.

Or click the How to Build Confidence ONLINE Program link below to start on-demand now.



Workshop or Online Program
Does your professional image of your employees need a tune up? Does their personal brand accurately reflect the values of your company?

If your employees are letting your business down because of their attire, and the way they conduct themselves, this fun and interactive workshop will give their brand a professional tune-up.

This session covers the five vital aspects of Image:

✦ The Hidden Image

✦ The Assumed Image

✦ The Visual Image

✦ The Experienced Image

✦ The Proven Image over time

The secrets of these essential aspects of your image will help your team to advance in their careers and project a powerful personal brand for your business.

This workshop will inspire you and your team to project an appropriate and positive image by understanding branding in the corporate workplace.

In this 2-hour workshop you’ll learn how to dress appropriately for your body type, understand what’s acceptable and unacceptable corporate casual attire and behaviour, develop in individual [yet appropriate] style and project that brand with confidence.

Or click the Personal Branding for Career Success ONLINE Program link below to start on-demand now.


Effective communication in the workplace is essential.  

Are you verbally delivering messages that are received and understood accurately?  If your messaging is not clear, it affects employee morale and productivity.  Clear workplace communication contributes to a healthy work environment. 

To ensure messages are given and received with clarity, find out your communication style and that of others. 

Learn how to adapt the way you communicate, especially during challenging times, to enhance harmony and productivity in the workplace.  In this 2-hour workshop you will learn:

✦ How to identify your communication style and the communication styles of others

✦ How to adapt the way you communicate when under pressure

✦ How to develop rapport easily and develop effective networking skills to enhance your career



2 Half-Day Workshops or 2 x 2.5hr Webinars
"Leadership is a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realise your own leadership potential." - Bennis

Some leaders inspire greatness, some encourage greatness through other motivations.  Many effective business leaders share similar characteristics and behaviours.

Leadership Foundations teaches participants the different leadership styles, and equips aspiring leaders with a set of leadership skills that assist them to positively influence, inspire and create a positive work environment for their team.

This workshop is delivered in 2 half-days with time in between sessions for participants to put into practice what they have learned and reflect on how effectively they lead when adapting their leadership style in different circumstances.


Full Day Workshop
This is a full-day workshop that builds confidence and assertiveness personally and professionally through a journey of self-discovery.

By understanding the barriers to success and focusing on key strengths, the spirit of confidence is released.

Visual impact, presentation skills and verbal communication are targeted in this highly interactive program with the opportunity to test your skills with instant feedback to assist positive development.

This is a holistic approach to confidence building and includes relaxation techniques, meditation, fun elements and surprises that will get everyone up and moving!

On-going personal and professional development is encouraged through goal setting and action plans

What my clients say

“I've had the privilege of attending a number of great workshops put on by General Assembly, RogenSi, Digital Brief and Sales ITV. All of these were lead by great facilitators but Jane Jackson's Career workshop, for me surpassed all of these. Jane was evidently passionate, invested and motivating throughout the day. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.”

Daniel Kerr - General Assembly

Jane Jackson is a fabulous presenter who has delivered us great results in boosting the confidence of our graduates. Her sessions are fun and funny and she speaks so beautifully you can't help but be engaged and connect with her. Our graduate engineers rated Jane the highest out of a week long agenda of speakers and frequently listed topics from her session as the best learning from the week. Such is Jane's skill at tapping in to the audience and bringing out the relevance of the subject.

Felicity Clark - Rio Tinto