Jane Jackson

Jane is an engaging speaker who empowers people to take control of their lives and careers. Her talks are delivered with genuine warmth and humour and leave you feeling confident, clear and excited about the next step in your career!

“I've had the privilege of attending a number of great workshops put on by General Assembly, RogenSi, Digital Brief and Sales ITV. All of these were lead by great facilitators but Jane Jackson's Career workshop, for me surpassed all of these. Jane was evidently passionate, invested and motivating throughout the day. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.”
Daniel Kerr
General Assembly
South Pacific Finance Conference, Cairns
How to Avoid Emotional Burnout
Polish Your Professional Image
Communicate with Influence
Personal Branding
Planning for Career Success
Planning Institute of Australia
Career Success in Communications
NSW YoungBloods
Leadership and Emotional Burnout
Women of Westpac
Communication in the Workplace
Communication and Networking
Reinvent Your Career Expo
22nd Women in Leadership Summit, Sydney

Popular Keynote and Presentation Topics

Face Your Fears for a Life Less Ordinary

In this Keynote address Jane shares her personal journey of facing fears and overcoming challenges to live a life less ordinary. An inspirational journey that will lead the audience to embrace their self-limiting beliefs and 'Start With Yes!'

Polish Your Professional Image & Brand

The way you present yourself in person and online has a profound impact on your career. Discover the five essential elements of your brand, how to create a positive first impression and how to project confidence and credibility.

Balance or Burnout? Live Your Best Life

The dangers of emotional burnout are identified in this thought provoking presentation. Understand the triggers leading to emotional and physical fatigue and adapt the way you respond to stress by developing the skills to maintain resilience through adversity.

Communicating with Influence

Effective communication in the workplace is essential for career and business success. This presentation covers the four key communication styles and how to adapt your natural style to always communicate with influence.

Career Confidence

Jane is passionate about encouraging professionals to practice self-care, especially during times of change.  Organisational change often causes considerable stress due to uncertainty. In this video, Jane discusses techniques  to maintain mental and physical health when facing challenging times.

“When I first met Jane Jackson I was struck by her love of life and her enthusiasm for helping people. When considering speakers for our Women of Westpac events, Jane was one of the first people who came to mind. Jane recently spoke at a networking event for our members.  Jane’s story was shared with genuine warmth, humour and included some great examples that resonated with many in the audience. I would recommend Jane to anyone seeking an engaging speaker who will inspire and motivate the audience.”

Charmain Woodlands, Women of Westpac Chairperson

“Jane Jackson is a fabulous presenter who has delivered us great results in boosting the confidence of our graduates. Her sessions are fun and funny and she speaks so beautifully you can’t help but be engaged and connect with her. Our graduate engineers rated Jane the highest out of a week long agenda of speakers and frequently listed topics from her session as the best learning from the week. Such is Jane’s skill at tapping in to the audience and bringing out the relevance of the subject.”

Felicity Clark, Rio Tinto

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Jane’s speaking engagements include:

  • LinkedIn Branding for Business Success - Business in Heels, Sydney
  • Maintaining Your Wellbeing for Leadership Success - 3rd Women in Super & Wealth Management Leadership Summit
  • Polish Your Professional Image - 3rd Women in Super & Wealth Management Leadership Summit
  • How to Avoid Emotional Burnout - 22nd Women in Leadership Summit - Primus Hotel, Sydney
  • Planning for Career Success - Planning Institute of Australia
  • Your Career in Communications - Youngbloods, NSW
  • Polish Your Professional Image and Brand - South Pacific Finance Conference, Cairns - Adventist Church
  • Communicating with Influence - South Pacific Finance Conference, Cairns - Adventist Church
  • Career Anchors - South Pacific Finance Conference, Cairns - Adventist Church
  • Polish Your Professional Image - Corporate Showcase - Doltone House, Sydney
  • LinkedIn Branding Strategies - Reinvent Your Career Expo
  • Confidently Manage Your Career - Australian Institute of Office Professionals
  • KEYNOTE: Strategies for Successful Relationship Building - EAN Congress
  • Polish Your Professional Image - AccountAbility Recruitment
  • Becoming a Key Person of Influence - Dent Global (KPI) Brand Accelerator
  • Face Your Fears for a Life Less Ordinary - BT Financial Group
  • Face Your Fears for a Life Less Ordinary - Women of Westpac WOW
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Career Success - Reinvent Your Career Expo
  • Polish Your Professional Image - Evolve People Procurement Specialists
  • Effective Communication and Networking - Women in HR, Learning & Development Leadership Summit
  • Crafting a Powerful Resume - Reinvent Your Career Expo
  • Polish Your Professional Image - The Association of Payroll Specialists (TAPS)
  • Working with Recruiters - Reinvent Your Career Expo
  • What Makes a Great Resume - Reinvent Your Career Expo
  • Effective Job Search Strategies - Reinvent Your Career Expo
  • Polish Your Professional Image - IBM Singapore
  • Dining Etiquette - University of Singapore
  • Polish Your Professional Image - Chicago Booth Graduate School of Management
  • Polish Your Professional Image - ABN Amro Singapore

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Jane Jackson

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