ICF: Can a Career Coach Help With Your Job Search?

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The ICF [International Coaching Federation] featured my interview in DARE Magazine in their latest ICF members blog post. “ICF member Jane Jackson, quoted in this article about job search and career coaching published in Australian Seniors “Anyone can hang up a shingle and call themselves a coach, so finding one who’s had formal training and credentials […]

3 Easy Ways to Reach Your Goals in 2022

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3 Easy Ways to Reach Your Goals in 2022 2021 was an interesting year.  I personally found it a year full of challenges, and also opportunities. It was a roller coaster for many of us and highlighted the importance of connection and communication. Something that really hit home for me over the past 2 Covid […]

NEWS.COM.AU: Best resumes, how to apply for jobs: Careers coach reveals top tips

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Despite Covid-19 and the subsequent recession, companies and businesses are still looking for staff as the job market continues to boom. Here’s how to apply for jobs. Read original article on news.com.au 28/6/2021. According to SEEK, May job advertisements increased by 27.2 per cent compared to pre-Covid figures of May 2019. Furthermore, they were up […]

NEWSCORP: Australian Workers Most Likely to Get a Pay Rise This Year

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Original article in the Herald Sun by Melanie Burgess Careers deputy editor Australian employers might be feeling more generous than last year, but some employees are more likely to get a pay rise than others. Two thirds of workers believe they should get a decent pay rise this year, but just 12 per cent of […]

MAMAMIA: The Reality of the Gender Pay Gap

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The complicated reality of the gender pay gap. “My male best friend was offered $5K more for the same job.” Original article published in Mamamia on 2 June 2021 including my contribution to this article on the gender pay gap. Tegan* finished her design and advertising course as Dux of her year.  Her lecturer told […]

QUICKSILVER GENERATION PODCAST: Never too late to rethink your career

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The QuickSilver Generation Podcast interview by Miguel Bernas. “In this episode of the Quicksilver Generation Podcast, my guest is Jane Jackson, Sydney-based Career Management Coach, bestselling author, inspirational speaker and the Host of ‘Your Career’ Podcast. We talk about how it’s never too late to learn something new or even take your career in a completely […]

212 How to Create a SUCCESS MINDSET

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           Over the past 20 years coaching professionals to make a successful career transition, I’ve found that having a SUCCESS MINDSET is the most important trait to possess to ensure a smooth career change and secure a role that will be satisfying and rewarding. Do you have a success mindset? Do you […]

How To Find a Career Coach

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How to find a Career Coach or Career Consultant Thinking about finding a top Career Coach? Do you want to get ahead in your career but don’t know how to secure that promotion, or land the job you’ve been dreaming about? Do you need help to fast track your career? Before you look for a […]

Do You Need a Coach, Consultant or Mentor?

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How do you choose the right Career Coach, Career Consultant, Counsellor, Mentor or Life Coach? The most important thing is to decide what you want to get out of a coaching relationship.  Do you actually need a CONSULTANT or a COACH, or a Mentor? In this video I explain the difference. You need a Career […]

Let’s have a Career Clarity Chat!

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Looking for a job can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve just experienced a redundancy. You need Career Clarity before you can make decisions about what you will do next. Many questions will be swimming around in your mind: “Will I ever get another job?” “Is my resumé or CV the best it can be?” […]