173 Impostor Syndrome and How to Beat It

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  How to overcome Impostor Syndrome. Read my original article in Michael Page Australia’s blog. How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome When you receive a compliment about a job well done, do you immediately respond with, “Oh, it was nothing”? Do you really think that it was nothing and believe that anyone else could’ve done it […]

How to Build Confidence

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How to Build Confidence Do people think you’re more confident than you really feel? Have you perfected your face for the world, your protective armour, the way you present yourself so that you seem in control most, or all, of the time? I’ll share a secret with you. Over the years I’ve created an amazing […]

Career Confidence – The OutPerformer Interview

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The OutPerformer interview on how stress affects your job search. An interview with Brad Eisenhuth, CEO of The Outperformer, on how job seekers can build career confidence and manage stress when facing redundancy, or during times of change. Click the link below to watch the interview (3-minute video). It can feel daunting when looking for a […]

Morning Affirmations for a Great Day!

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Positive Morning Affirmations We all need a boost of confidence to get us through the day.  Start your days with these Morning Affirmations and after 7 days feel the difference in your attitude to life and your ability to get things done with a song in your heart!   Morning Affirmations I feel healthy and […]