The OutPerformer interview on how stress affects your job search.

An interview with Brad Eisenhuth, CEO of The Outperformer, on how job seekers can build career confidence and manage stress when facing redundancy, or during times of change. Click the link below to watch the interview (3-minute video).

It can feel daunting when looking for a job, especially if you’ve recently experienced a redundancy and feel a little lost about what to do next.

There may be many thoughts going through your head, “Will I ever get another job?“, “Am I too old to be hired?“, “What do I really want to do and what CAN I do next?“, “How will I maintain my mortgage payments?“, “What will my family and friends think?

You may find that you can’t sleep and you lay in bed staring at the ceiling feeling worried, unwanted or afraid.

By taking the steps to manage your stress levels and assess what is most important to you in your life, and in your career, you will be able to take a reality check, make clearer career decisions and focus on what action you must take.  This is a step-by-step process.

Below is a transcript of this section of my interview focusing on stress management.  To listen to the full webinar on The Outperformer website click here

“When I work with clients during their career transition, I find that it’s essential to make sure that they take care of their mental health, as well as their physical health, during what can be a very stressful time.

The process I usually take is that I conduct an initial assessment of their stress levels to see if they have experienced cumulative stress over the past few years. There have been quite a number of professionals I’ve worked with who, because of organizational change over a period of time, have experienced stress on an ongoing basis. That’s really hard for them to deal with this because it starts to chip away at their career confidence. They are capable, confident professionals, but because of the environment, they have started to doubt themselves and their own ability.

I make sure that they also book in for a full physical check-up. Get all of that out of the way and then focus on exercise, eating well, and adding meditation to their toolkit of stress management techniques. To help, I’ve created some audio meditations on my website that they can download for free, and it seems to work well for my clients. Once they’ve got their stress levels in control then we focus on what it is that’s holding them back.

If it’s a matter of confidence, we work together to remove that self-limiting belief and then assess their accomplishments. I work with them to conduct an audit of their life.”

“We get that sorted and then we assess what makes them tick. The most important thing is to discover their career values, their personal values and what have they done in the past that really has been a value-add to the organization. Tangible accomplishments are important. Their skills and knowledge, what motivates them within a working environment, what de-motivates. We often don’t think about that but certainly, there are a number of motivators it’s not always about the money. It could be the team environment. It could be a short commute. It could be a subsidized canteen or childcare facilities. Lots of different things can be motivators to help make a work environment more exciting or more rewarding for individuals.

Once we’ve assessed what really makes them tick, they know what they’re good at, they know what they’ve really achieved, then we can pull out what’s relevant and create their marketing material.

I find that when they identify their accomplishments using the situation-action-results methodology, they know exactly what they have encountered, what action they took as an individual or an action that they have led their team to take and then the tangible or perceived results, that’s a huge confidence booster. It’s also what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for during the interview process. “


If you are experiencing the cumulative effects of stress during your job search campaign, please book in for a Career Clarity Chat and find out how we can work together to rebuild your self-confidence.  Click here


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