POCKET MONEY PODCAST: How to get your Dream Job

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I was delighted to be invited for an interview on the Pocket Money Podcast by finder.com.au about careers and how to get your Dream Job. Originally posted on finder.com.au. Listen to this fascinating podcast – many thanks to Franko Ali What was your dream job when you were a kid? How did it change as […]

171 Alexandra Deubner – Follow Your Dreams Summit

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Alexandra-Deubner-Follow-Your-Dreams-Summit

           It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Alexandra Deubner on the Follow Your Dreams Summit in February 2019 along with 20 expert panellists around the globe, who also focus on helping their clients take control of their lives. In this interview I provide my top tips on how to make […]


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It was a pleasure to be invited as a featured panelist, and Career Coach Mentor, on the Follow Your Dreams Summit hosted by Alexandra Deubner and joined by 20 career coaching experts in January 2019. This Summit was held to help career professionals to find and follow their true passion and direction, overcome self-limiting beliefs […]

ELLE AUSTRALIA: Stressed for Success

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I was asked to provide insights for an article in Elle Australia (March 2019) on how to stop self sabotage in the workplace. The Fear of Failure has long dominated our career conversations, but what if, in reality, it’s the dread of success that’s bringing your goal-chasing to a halt? “When we deny the world […]

Facing a Christmas Career Crisis?

Christmas is coming – are you a job seeker facing a career crisis? If your career is in crisis, should you keep up your job search efforts over the Christmas season? Or should you forget about it until the New Year? Are you having these thoughts? 1 “Will I miss out on a job opportunity […]

160 Jane Turner Author Mentor

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Jane Turner Author Mentor

How wonderful to spend half an hour chatting to the amazing Jane Turner! With an introduction from Valerie Khoo of the Australian Writer’s Centre, this is a podcast episode not to be missed! Jane Turner says she literally came out of nowhere as a washed up public servant who was made redundant at the age […]

157 Warwick Merry Australia’s Best MC

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Warwick Merry Australia’s Best MC

Every once in a while you meet someone who has so much personality that he or she is larger than life! Warwick Merry is one of the people – I was fortunate to catch him for a podcast interview about how he became Australia’s Best MC and enjoyed his top tips on public speaking as […]

153 LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents Lee Woodward is well known and respected nationally and internationally for his innovative work within the real estate training industry. He has earned widespread acclaim for delivering interactive, professional and highly relevant training that has resulted in great people entering, learning, developing and thriving in the industry. Lee approached me […]

How to Build Confidence

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How to Build Confidence Do people think you’re more confident than you really feel? Have you perfected your face for the world, your protective armour, the way you present yourself so that you seem in control most, or all, of the time? I’ll share a secret with you. Over the years I’ve created an amazing […]

CAREERMINDS: How to Secure Your Ideal Role

Careerminds, careers, career, jane jackson, career coach, sydney, australia, job search, job hunting, dream job, how to get a job

Article published in CareerMinds, 1st June 2017 – 7 Easy Tips to Secure Your Ideal Role For those who have experienced a redundancy or are in between jobs, it can feel like an emotional roller coaster. This can affect self-confidence, and create confusion about what to do next. Finding a new job can be a […]