I was delighted to be invited for an interview on the Pocket Money Podcast by finder.com.au about careers and how to get your Dream Job. Originally posted on finder.com.au. Listen to this fascinating podcast – many thanks to Franko Ali

What was your dream job when you were a kid? How did it change as you got older? On this episode of Pocket Money, we’re putting the dream job in the interview seat and checking its resume.

We’re speaking with some interesting characters to understand what makes us tick, how we can better think about our lives and our careers, and if the concept of a dream job actually exists in reality. Whether you’re deciding how to choose a career or feel like you’re at a dead end, this is the podcast for you.

Thank you to our guests Jane JacksonBen Southall and AFL star Phil Davis.

And a very special thanks to our wonderful dreamers, Abigail, Toshan, Sriyan, Sophie, Lexi, Tim, Jai, Kara, Max and Lydia. The team at Finder wish you luck in your future careers!

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The Finder podcast is intended to provide you with tips, tools and strategies that will help you make better decisions. Although we’re licensed and authorised, we (and our guests) aren’t providing any form of financial or legal advice. So please consider your own situation and get proper advice about your individual circumstances before making any decisions based on anything in our show. Thanks for listening!

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