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LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

Lee Woodward is well known and respected nationally and internationally for his innovative work within the real estate training industry. He has earned widespread acclaim for delivering interactive, professional and highly relevant training that has resulted in great people entering, learning, developing and thriving in the industry.

Lee approached me in 2017 to discuss the power of LinkedIn on his Real Estate Hot Topics online magazine and podcast.  In this podcast episode, he asks me how real estate agents can leverage LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool to build their personal brand, position themselves as an influencer in their field, generate leads and sales.

We had an in-depth conversation about all things LinkedIn, marketing, branding and podcasting too.

Listen to this episode and learn what you can do to:

  1.  Build your profile on LinkedIn
  2.  Use LinkedIn to authentically brand yourself as a property agent and influencer in your industry
  3.  Leverage LinkedIn to generate leads in real estate
  4.  Develop strong relationships on LinkedIn

Brand yourself as an influencer in your field! Personal Branding for Career Success is the definitive guide on branding for success.

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Thanks to Lee Woodward for this in-depth interview that will help estate agents, and any business development professional who needs to enhance their brand, increase awareness in their products and services, and develop strong relationships through effective networking online.

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