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How wonderful to spend half an hour chatting to the amazing Jane Turner! With an introduction from Valerie Khoo of the Australian Writer’s Centre, this is a podcast episode not to be missed!

Jane Turner says she literally came out of nowhere as a washed up public servant who was made redundant at the age of 52.

Three years later she has built a thriving business off the back of her first book that is appropriately called “Thrive in Midlife”.

Jane now works with business people and entrepreneurs to boost their profile and credibility by becoming a published author.  This certainly is a success story full of highs and lows.

As an author mentor, Jane takes her clients through a Hero’s Journey that not only transforms them into published authors, but also transforms them into very powerful and grounded individuals who are ready to step up and take their place in the world.

Jane is a gifted speaker, sought-after business consultant, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Master Coach.

As well as being the author of “Thrive in Midlife”, “Weight Loss in Midlife”, and “Mindset for Authors:  How to get out of Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-doubt”, Jane is the brains behind the Power Writing Program, the Power Publicity Program, and the Power Writers Publishing Group.

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Twitter: @wellnesscoachi5

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