The Write Coach: Can a Book Boost Your Business?

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How Can Writing a Book Boost Your Business? The Write Coach podcast interview with Jane Jackson. The Covid virus has kept many people at home or looking for another form of income. Jane Jackson, Career Coach, takes people on a journey on how to find a job through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Join […]

165 Heidi Yi Author | Breast Cancer Survivor

Heidi Yi, author, entrepreneur, breast cancer survivor, career coach, Jane Jackson, Your Career Podcast, career, careers

                      Heidi Yi Author Heidi Yi is a very special lady who has experienced many extremely challenging life transitions with grace and determination. Heidi is a breast cancer survivor, author and entrepreneur. In this podcast episode Heidi shares her career journey and also shares honestly and openly about […]

160 Jane Turner Author Mentor

JANE TURNER, author, mentor, writer, Jane Jackson, career coach, podcast

             How wonderful to spend half an hour chatting to the amazing Jane Turner! With an introduction from Valerie Khoo of the Australian Writer’s Centre, this is a podcast episode not to be missed! Jane Turner says she literally came out of nowhere as a washed up public servant who was […]

140 Dorie Clark – Entrepreneurial You

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When Dorie Clark said she’d come on YOUR CAREER Podcast for an interview, I was thrilled and delighted! To have the wonderful opportunity to interview Dorie is an experience I will never forget. Dorie Clark is a former presidential campaign spokeswoman and over the years has enjoyed a fascinating portfolio career. The New York Times […]

131 MaryLou Kayser – Author Mentor

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          MaryLou Kayser is a special lady who has incredible energy, passion, and dedication to make a difference in the lives of her clients.  It’s not uncommon for people to feel smarter, more powerful and excited about who they are and the value they bring to the world after working with […]

120 Patrick Hollingworth – Contrarian Organisational Thinker

patrick hollingworth, jane jackson, career coach

               As a contrarian organizational thinker, Patrick Hollingworth has worked on the some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever built in Australia. He’s seen the very best of what large organisations can create, and also the very worst.  We have a fascinating conversation about his early days, […]

How to Write a Book

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      Many professionals think about writing a book, few actually write a book and get it published.  For the vast majority, getting their book out there is just a pipe dream. Does it have to remain a pipe dream? What does it take to write a book and become a published author? Most […]

99 David Halliday – Writer & Author

David Halliday, career coach, journalist, writer, author, Jane Jackson

          Writing and movies are David Halliday’s passion. He’s worked with a range of studios and agencies from Melbourne in Australia to LA and New York in the USA. After nearly 10 years of writing and working on scripts, David’s developed an extensive personal network of editors, producers, writers and actors. […]

80 Jacqui Pretty – Editor Grammar Factory

Jacqui Pretty, Editor, Grammar Factory

        * * * * * * * * * * Listen to Jacqui’s fascinating story about how she became a successful entrepreneur and founder of Grammar Factory. Jacqui shares her journey from her dreams of being an astronaut and actress in Sydney all the way to London, France and back, working […]