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Heidi Yi Author

Heidi Yi is a very special lady who has experienced many extremely challenging life transitions with grace and determination.

Heidi is a breast cancer survivor, author and entrepreneur.

In this podcast episode Heidi shares her career journey and also shares honestly and openly about how she overcame the life changing diagnosis of breast cancer.

This entrepreneurial professional is the founder and manufacturer of Heidi Yi mineral makeup, is a makeup artist turned author, and has learned the hard way how to scale a business by working smarter, not harder.

Heidi is the author of 6 important books and credits much of her success to Linda Diggle, her publishing consultant from Book Boffin:

1. The DeTerminator: From Powder Puff to Chemo – Heidi’s Personal Journey Through Cancer

2. Big Tips For Small Business: The Key Success Habits and Insights of Starting and Growing a Small Business (in Australia)

3. How to SELF-PUBLISH Your First Book: A Simple and Inexpensive Guide to Self-Publishing Your First Book (from someone who took the not-so-easy, sometimes expensive, route)

4. How to WRITE Your First Book: A Simple and Effective Guide to Writing Your First Book (from someone who had no confidence in writing)

5. Pro Makeup and Essential Skincare for Everyday Beauty: The Essential Tools and Professional Techniques You Too Can Achieve Every Day

6. Let’s Talk Foundation! The Essential Foundation Makeup Guide for Asian Women

Dedicated to social causes, Heidi also donates 10% of profits from her book sales to help the homeless through Access Street Vans in Brisbane. Heidi has been involved with Access Street Vans since 1999.

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