How to Navigate Your Career

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How do you Navigate Your Career? In today’s changing employment landscape, it’s a challenge to ensure career growth, job satisfaction and engagement at work. How do you choose the right direction and navigate your career successfully? According to HRD, Australian employees are considering moving on from their current roles due to a renewed focus on personal […]

225 Nici Bickley SEO and Social Media Expert

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Nici Bickley was ready for a new challenge after a successful corporate career. She made the successful career transition to business ownership.  By creating her own company, Autom8Now, Nici is helping to simplify software, social media and SEO for small businesses.  With a background in tech, teaching and customer service Nici makes SEO simple. She […]

20 Tips to Land the Job You’ll Love

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“I’m so sick of feeling out of control in my career – I just don’t know what I can do to improve the situation. I’m frustrated, tired of going around in circles, not getting the promotion I deserve and being shafted by recruiters or just not getting a response to my job applications.” “I just […]

SUN HERALD: The Great Resignation – What to Consider BEFORE You Quit

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The Great Resignation was coined in response to the huge number of US workers quitting their jobs this year. Australia is predicted to follow suit around March as workers seek a fresh start after an exhausting couple of COVID-impacted work years.  [Original article in Sun Herald 14 Nov 2021] But is it a legitimate hunger for […]

ABC Radio Sydney: How to Make a Career Change

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Interview on ABC Radio Sydney – Focus on 11th November 2021 with Renee Krosch about what it takes to make a successful career change after redundancy, especially as a mature-age worker.

221 Three Reasons Why People Change Careers

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    Life is too short to live with regrets Are you ready to change career or are you going to wait until you are pushed away or are you going to take action and gain control of your career, safeguard your future and create the career you desire? There is no time better than […]

199 Joseph Akoni – LinkedIn Product Manager

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           Joseph Akoni is a creative product manager who has leveraged his Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and MBA, extensive product management experience, innovative approach and warm personality to secure his role at this great place to work – LinkedIn! In this episode Joseph shares his fascinating career journey, the recruitment process […]

BODY + SOUL: Redundancy and Identity

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After recently being made redundant from her dream job, Kate Lancaster speaks to career coach Jane Jackson and psychologist Rachael Walden about navigating the simultaneous loss of personal and professional identities. Read the original article in Body + Soul here The thing that protrudes most vividly from my memory about the afternoon I was made redundant was my […]