199 Joseph Akoni – LinkedIn Product Manager

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           Joseph Akoni is a creative product manager who has leveraged his Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and MBA, extensive product management experience, innovative approach and warm personality to secure his role at this great place to work – LinkedIn! In this episode Joseph shares his fascinating career journey, the recruitment process […]

BODY + SOUL: Redundancy and Identity

body + soul, jane jackson, redundancy, career coach, outplacement consultant, careers

After recently being made redundant from her dream job, Kate Lancaster speaks to career coach Jane Jackson and psychologist Rachael Walden about navigating the simultaneous loss of personal and professional identities. Read the original article in Body + Soul here The thing that protrudes most vividly from my memory about the afternoon I was made redundant was my […]

SKY NEWS BUSINESS TV: Jane Jackson on working remotely

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Remote Work and Career Progression An interview with Carson Scott and Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach, on “Your Career” Sky News Business. Carson Scott interviews Jane Jackson on the challenges of working remotely. Scott asks Jane about how remote work will affect your career progression, the challenges of career change, and making a tree-change or […]

177 Nissar Ahamed – Careermetis

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Nissar-Ahamed-–-Careermetis

           Nissar Ahamed is a Growth Marketer, Publisher and is successfully building the most comprehensive publication on Career Advice – CareerMetis CareerMetis.com is an Award-winning Career and Productivity Blog.  Nissar is a genius when it comes to content curation, growth hacking and social media strategy. Nissar is also an accomplished public speaker having […]

FM MAGAZINE: Surviving a Layoff

FM FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Jane Jackson, career counsellor, career coach, financial management

Interview on surviving a layoff or redundancy in FM Magazine. Read the original article here No finance professional wants to experience the sudden loss of a position, but the reality of the modern business landscape is that sometimes layoffs happen. Being laid off can be a traumatic blow, but quick action can help mitigate the […]

Starting a Business – 7 top tips for success

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Many of my career coaching and career transition clients consider starting a business if they feel ready to leave the corporate world. They want to go it alone. Especially when going through a redundancy, with a bit of a nest egg as a redundancy package, they gain the courage to try something that they previously […]


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It was a pleasure to be invited as a featured panelist, and Career Coach Mentor, on the Follow Your Dreams Summit hosted by Alexandra Deubner and joined by 20 career coaching experts in January 2019. This Summit was held to help career professionals to find and follow their true passion and direction, overcome self-limiting beliefs […]

165 Heidi Yi Author | Breast Cancer Survivor

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Heidi Yi Author Breast Cancer Survivor

Heidi Yi Author Heidi Yi is a very special lady who has experienced many extremely challenging life transitions with grace and determination. Heidi is a breast cancer survivor, author and entrepreneur. In this podcast episode Heidi shares her career journey and also shares honestly and openly about how she overcame the life changing diagnosis of […]

160 Jane Turner Author Mentor

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Jane Turner Author Mentor

How wonderful to spend half an hour chatting to the amazing Jane Turner! With an introduction from Valerie Khoo of the Australian Writer’s Centre, this is a podcast episode not to be missed! Jane Turner says she literally came out of nowhere as a washed up public servant who was made redundant at the age […]

157 Warwick Merry Australia’s Best MC

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Warwick Merry Australia’s Best MC

Every once in a while you meet someone who has so much personality that he or she is larger than life! Warwick Merry is one of the people – I was fortunate to catch him for a podcast interview about how he became Australia’s Best MC and enjoyed his top tips on public speaking as […]