I’m so sick of feeling out of control in my career – I just don’t know what I can do to improve the situation. I’m frustrated, tired of going around in circles, not getting the promotion I deserve and being shafted by recruiters or just not getting a response to my job applications.”

I just don’t know what I really want in my career – in fact, I’m not sure what I’m doing at all!”

Does this sound familiar? Well, it’s time to take back control and get in the driver’s seat in your career.

I’ve curated into this ONE article, 20 of my top #LinkedInLive coaching tips so you can have them here at the click of your mouse or a tap of your touchpad. Perfect to prepare you for a great 2022!

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#1 How to Land the Job You’ll Love and Grow Your Career

This 90-second introduction gives you a little background as to why I am dedicated to providing you with as much career support as possible. I’m on a mission and it gives me purpose and enables me to stay on track to do my best work for you. What is YOUR mission?

#2 How to Get Clear on What You REALLY Want in Your Career

Here’s where you will find out how to uncover the clarity of purpose needed to make the right career choices

#3 Are You Attractive to Recruiters?

Understand how you are viewed by recruiters and adapt your approach to positioning yourself as a candidate of choice.

#4 Personal Branding for Your Career Success

With a strong AUTHENTIC personal brand, you will begin to attract the right opportunities you deserve

#5 How to Get Recruiters to Notice Your #Resumé

Most of my clients ask me this question. In this replay, you will uncover one big secret that will make your resumé stand out

#6 How to Create a Powerful Profile for your Resumé

Your resumé must attract the attention of the reader within the first few seconds or you may end up on the ‘No’ list – here’s how you can get on the ‘Yes’ list!

#7 Top 4 Resumé Formats for Job Seekers

The resumé format you choose could make or break your chances of landing an interview. Choose wisely

#8 Resumé Do’s and Don’ts and How to Overcome the #ATS

Discover the resumé essentials that will help you to get screened IN

#9 How to Write an Effective #CoverLetter

Should you write a cover letter? If so, how can you craft an effective one?

#10 Job Search Strategies – Your #MarketingPlan

Treat your job search like a job – create a marketing plan to stay on track

#11 #Networking Basics for Job Seekers

75% of my clients land their next role by leveraging their professional network. Find out how to do it without feeling like you’re ‘selling’ your soul

#12 Top 3 #LinkedInFeatures for Job Seekers

In this replay, I share how to make the most of the 3 powerful features on your LinkedIn profile that many are not even aware of!

#13 The LinkedIn #CoverStory Video

If you aren’t using this then you are missing out on a powerful visual tool to give people an insight into your personality and communication style. Read my instructions and watch my example video here

#14 Common Job Interview Mistakes

Let’s make sure you don’t make these common interview mistakes!

#15 Top LinkedIn Tips for Job Interview preparation

Have you used the powerful LinkedIn feature that helps you to prepare for video interviews? If you don’t know what it is then this is a ‘must-watch’ as it provides a walk-through guide of how to use the feature effectively. You’ll be amazed at how good the feature is!

#16 How to Introduce Yourself in a Job Interview

To impress at interviews you need to have a clear and concise pitch or introductory positioning statement. It’s easy when you know how!

#17 Job Interview preparation – Common Job Interview Questions

Typically these questions are asked during interviews so there is no excuse not to be well prepared for them

#18 How to Answer BEHAVIOURAL INTERVIEW questions

#BehaviouralInterviews are very common. Do you know how to prepare to answer these tricky questions?

#19 Questions YOU Must Ask at Your Job Interviews

Do you know what questions to prepare for your interviewers? The questions you ask can help to tip the balance positively in your favour

#20 How to Write a Thank You Email after a Job Interview

When you walk out of the interview, that’s the time to start crafting your thank you email. When you find out about the 4 R’s of a Thank You email, it will be easy!

Well, that gives you plenty of valuable insights into how you can prepare yourself well to make a successful career change or GROW YOUR CAREER.

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