20 Tips to Land the Job You’ll Love

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“I’m so sick of feeling out of control in my career – I just don’t know what I can do to improve the situation. I’m frustrated, tired of going around in circles, not getting the promotion I deserve and being shafted by recruiters or just not getting a response to my job applications.” “I just […]

More New LinkedIn Features for Job Seekers

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LinkedIn product managers have been super busy this year creating fabulous new features for us to enjoy. This posts highlights some powerful features for content creators that will help to boost your brand on the platform. In November last year I released a blog post highlighting some fabulous new LinkedIn features for job seekers – they […]

MAMAMIA: Is a ‘Side Hustle’ Worth It?

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Meet the new generation of ‘Non-Preneurs’ who say, ‘I don’t want to be my own boss!’ There’s no doubting it’s the era of the side-hustle. Read the full article in Mamamia Being your own boss and building an empire has never been more attractive, particularly for women.  We’re told it’s the ultimate way to set […]

ABC Radio Sydney: How to Handle Rejection as a Job Seeker

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ABC Radio Sydney interview with Rebecca De Unamuno on how to handle rejection during the job search process. Jane Jackson provides examples of how her clients have adapted to the challenges and turned them into positives. Each rejection is an opportunity to learn and develop resilience to keep going.

How To Be A Great Recruiter

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As a career coach and former recruiter, my clients, who are job seekers, tell me that what they enjoy most about working with me is that they feel valued, and their skills and knowledge validated when we work together.  My number on priority is to be there for my clients and to help them to […]

COLLECTIVE HUB: Should You Send a Follow-Up Email?

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SHOULD YOU SEND A FOLLOW-UP EMAIL? HELL YES, SAY THESE EXPERTS Published in Collective Hub, 2 August 2017 I was recently interviewed by LIZZA GEBILAGIN for this article in Collective Hub. Here is an excerpt: Remember your manners (and professionalism) When you’re writing a follow-up email, focus on being polite. “Make sure the tone of your email […]


Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, EMOTIONAL SUPPORT FOR JOB SEEKERS

Job seekers, I was prompted to write this after a discussion with one of my clients about the need for emotional support when looking for a job, especially when the process takes longer than anticipated. One of the biggest challenges that many job seekers struggle with when going through career change is loneliness as they […]