Meet the new generation of ‘Non-Preneurs’ who say, ‘I don’t want to be my own boss!’

There’s no doubting it’s the era of the side-hustle. Read the full article in Mamamia

Being your own boss and building an empire has never been more attractive, particularly for women. 

We’re told it’s the ultimate way to set your own hours and make your own rules, with stories of overnight success, seven-figure incomes, and being able to ‘pick’ when and where you work making the entrepreneurial lifestyle seem almost too good not to try. 

But what you’ll read about beneath those headlines are the long hours, grit, determination and angst that go into launching your own company. And for every entrepreneur, there are plenty more women out there who have never, and will never, be interested in starting their own business. And that’s fine too. 

As career coach and founder of The Careers Academy Jane Jackson told Mamamia, it’s about time we started heralding both career paths – the entrepreneurs, and the ‘non-preneurs’ amongst us. 

“Ambition means different things to different people. Are you ambitious if you’re building an entrepreneurial empire? Or are you ambitious if you are working towards being the best employee, gaining certifications, qualifications, volunteering for special projects and doing an amazing job for your manager, the department, or the organisation?” she said.

The truth is – both are true. One just comes with a glossier cover.

Article by GEMMA BATH Senior News Writer MARCH 9, 2021

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