184 Dick Lam – Entrepreneur, Presenter, Author

           Dick is a Corporate Consultant, Trainer and Speaker with over 20 years experience working with top executives in over a dozen industries. He has also delivered at last count – roughly 300 seminars and workshops on business and professional skills. I met Dick at a golf charity tournament in 2018, and […]

165 Heidi Yi Author | Breast Cancer Survivor

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Heidi Yi Author Breast Cancer Survivor

Heidi Yi Author Heidi Yi is a very special lady who has experienced many extremely challenging life transitions with grace and determination. Heidi is a breast cancer survivor, author and entrepreneur. In this podcast episode Heidi shares her career journey and also shares honestly and openly about how she overcame the life changing diagnosis of […]

158 Prema Smith Self Appreciation Day Founder

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Prema Smith Self Appreciation Day Founder

The 14th September is Self Appreciation Day It starts with you. An interview with Prema Smith – Actor, Director, Singer, Self Appreciation Day Founder WHAT IS SELF APPRECIATION? We, as humans, focus more on negative thoughts rather than positive. We think about our mistakes more than we think about our successes. Mindfulness and Mental Fitness […]

155 Femi Opaneye LinkedIn Optimization

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Femi Opaneye LinkedIn Optimization

I met Femi Opaneye at a #linkedinlocal event at Old Street in London and found his career journey from law to investment banking to entrepreneurship fascinating. Femi is the Founder and CEO of Linked Optimization, which provides LinkedIn account management as a service, to enable sales professionals and businesses to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn. […]

144 Matthew Tukaki – Social Investor and Entrepreneur

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Matthew Tukaki – Social Investor and Entrepreneur

< Matthew Tukaki is Chairman of the Board at Suicide Prevention Australia, founder of Entrehub, Host of ‘Talking Lifestyle Second Career’ radio show on 2UE, Co-Founder of the Sustain Group, formerly a Director of the Board of Australia’s Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. A genuinely caring and inspirational gentleman, Matthew is also the author of more […]

141 Chris J Reed – The Dark Art of Marketing

Chris J Reed, Singapore, Jane Jackson, Your Career Podcast, career coach

T0 power up your LinkedIn Profile, enjoy Jane’s LinkedIn for Career Success program and make sure you get noticed on LinkedIn! For more about Chris J Reed, listen to our first podcast interview recorded in February when he was in Sydney on another one of his world tours. Where to find Chris LinkedIn Website: www.thedarkartofmarketing.co

131 MaryLou Kayser – Author Mentor

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, MaryLou Kayser – Author Mentor

MaryLou Kayser is a special lady who has incredible energy, passion, and dedication to make a difference in the lives of her clients.  It’s not uncommon for people to feel smarter, more powerful and excited about who they are and the value they bring to the world after working with MaryLou. She is specifically on […]

113 Sonia Wray – Sterling Results

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Sonia Wray – Sterling Results

Serial Entrepreneur Sonia Wray is the founder of Sterling Results. Sterling Results is the umbrella company from which she runs three business. The ‘Business Brains Club’ where she Mentors small business for growth. ‘Sterling Results Fitness Club’ which focuses on those who are, or who want to be, ‘Fit Fabulous and over 50’ and finally […]

112 Beth Powell – Digital Marketing Club

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Beth Powell – Digital Marketing Club

Beth Powell is the founder of Digital Marketing Club – an SME digital marketing strategy development and coaching business and the author of Drive More Business: a five-step guide to digital marketing for auto dealers. She also runs a small online import business. Beth is an entrepreneur who created the first social media and digital […]

Remote Work Hub

remote work hub, remote work, remote, jane jackson, career coach, online training, training, trainer

Remote Work Hub Read the original article on Remote Work Hub: In today’s connected world, social media plays such a huge part in both our personal and professional life. And it’s so easy to think that an image portrayed on social media is genuine. But sometimes that image can be all smoke and mirrors. We recently caught up […]