Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,David Halliday – Writer & Author


Writing and movies are David Halliday’s passion. He’s worked with a range of studios and agencies from Melbourne in Australia to LA and New York in the USA.

After nearly 10 years of writing and working on scripts, David’s developed an extensive personal network of editors, producers, writers and actors. He also has 3 completed film scripts and 2 TV show treatments that he’s currently developing and pitching. 

David is author of non-fiction book The Bloody History of the Croissant and contributing author to The Music that Maton Made. 

When writing on a subject, he enjoys unpicking the human threads of history behind it, and consistently finds that a story told well becomes a story about all of us.

Listen to the journey David took to become a journalist, screen writer and author and also what it takes to be a success in this competitive line of work. His insights are valuable for any aspiring journalist and are delivered with humour and wisdom.

Where to find David:


Twitter @davidphalliday

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