137 Diana Holwerda – How To Become a Virtual Assistant

Diana Holwerda, Virtual Assistant, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, podcast, career, careers, sydney, Australia, VA

         Diana Holwerda asks: If you’re thinking of setting up as a Virtual Assistant, consider the skills you could leverage. They could be database management, website design, diary management, social media management, podcast editing, events organisation or a host of administrative or other skills – it just depends on what you can […]

2UE TALKING LIFESTYLE : A New Career in the New Year

2UE, Talking Lifestyle Second Career, Talking Lifestyle, Matthew Tukaki, Jane Jackson, career coach, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand

Matthew Tukaki of 2UE Talking Lifestyle Second Career interviews Jane Jackson, Career Coach, about what you can do to prepare for career success in the new year. What do you need to consider and put into place BEFORE Christmas arrives in order to make 2018 a great year for your career?

136 Stephanie Campanella – Summit Digital

stephanie campanella, summit digital, digital marketing, digital, jane jackson, career coach, career, careers, career change, coach, sydney, australia, London, Singapore, Hong Kong

          Stephanie Campanella, Director of Summit Digital and Tradies Get Online, was a 2013 Action Coach Finalist for ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ and The Hills District Local Business Awards finalist in 2014 for Outstanding Business Person of the Year. Through Summit Digital, Stephanie works with ambitious companies who are struggling […]

135 Cian McLoughlin – CEO Trinity Perspectives

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With a sales career spanning almost 20 years, including senior management roles in a number of the world’s largest software companies, Cian McLoughlin is the founder and CEO of Trinity Perspectives. Cian has trained and advised sales professionals from Brisbane to Bangkok, Christchurch to Cape Town and everywhere in between. Author of the Amazon #1 […]

134 Geoff Hetherington – The Clarity CEO

Geoff Hetherington, The Clarity CEO, Jane Jackson, Your Career Podcast, Your Career, career coach, sydney, australia, leadership, leadership coach, careers, career change, entrepreneur

          Described as’ irreverent and insightful’ Geoff Hetherington has a background as an internationally experienced senior executive with over 30 years’ spent as a CEO, General Manager and Sales & Marketing Director across diverse industries and companies including; AMCAL, Coles-Myer, Vodafone, Camera House, & Telstra. He launched the Telstra Next G […]

SMALLVILLE: Employee Engagement

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As a featured blogger on Smallville, I am honoured to share career advice and guidance to all small business owners focused on continued business growth. Here is my latest article: EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: HOW TO APPRECIATE, MOTIVATE AND ENGAGE YOUR WORKFORCE Click here to read the original article As a career coach, I work with professionals who […]

133 Adam Azali – Dancer Singer Entertainer

Adam Azali Rai, Adam Azali, Singapore, Dancer, Singer, Entertainer, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Your Career Podcast, Sydney, Australia, podcast, choreography

          Adam Azali Rai started performing at the age of 14 and is highly skilled in multiple dance genres including jazz, Chinese, Indonesian and Bollywood dance styles as well as contemporary dance. Adam has performed extensively as a freelance dancer for years before branching into acting and modeling. Adam Is also […]

132 Nadine Champion – Martial Arts Sensei & TEDx Speaker

Nadine Champion, TEDx, Jane Jackson, career coach, sydney, australia, martial arts, sensei, Benny The Jet Urquidez

             In her youth, Nadine Champion loved the film The Karate Kid and spent twenty years learning profound life changing lessons from her own Mr. Miyagi style teacher – Benny “the Jet” Urquidez, an undefeated World Champion fighter. She is dedicated to using the knowledge she has gained through martial arts […]

SMARP: Employee Personal Branding

personal branding, employee branding, SMARP, Jane Jackson, career coach, sydney, australia

Smarp interview on the importance of employee personal branding recently. Click here to read original article    Experts advise companies to take an active role in employee development: helping employees build their personal brand can result in increased exposure and positive word of mouth, not to mention happier and more engaged employees. We asked four leadership and career […]