Facing a Christmas Career Crisis?

Christmas is coming – are you a job seeker facing a career crisis? If your career is in crisis, should you keep up your job search efforts over the Christmas season? Or should you forget about it until the New Year? Are you having these thoughts? 1 “Will I miss out on a job opportunity […]

7 Deadly Mistakes of Job Seekers

job seekers, how to find a job, career change, job seeker, jobs, dream job, career, career change, career coach, Jane Jackson

Job Seekers: Are you struggling to find a new job? Is it taking much longer than you expected? Are you starting to lose confidence about getting another job? If every little thing is starting to feel really hard and you’re feeling fed up, you may be making one, or more, of the 7 deadly mistakes […]

SKY NEWS BUSINESS: Remote Work and Career Progression

remote work, sky news, sky business news, jane jackson, career coach, australia, sky tv, Your Career, career coach

  Remote Work and Career Progression An interview with Carson Scott and Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach, on “Your Career.” Carson Scott, Sky News Business, and Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach, discuss the option of remote work.   The challenges that people face when it comes to career progression, career change, and making a tree change. […]

7 Steps for a Successful Job Search Campaign

dream job, employment, success, career success, Jane Jackson, career coach, coaching, employment

7 steps for a successful job search campaign   Anyone who has experienced a redundancy or a change in employment circumstances that was not of their choice will agree that it can be a stressful time.   Often people get moving with a burst of job search activities.  If they are the right activities there is […]

139 Daniel Rahmann – Fashion PR Director and Third Culture Kid

Daniel Rahmann, fashion PR director, third culture kid, new york, singapore, Los Angeles, Career Coach, Jane Jackson, career, sydney

As a Third Culture Kid, Daniel Rahmann discusses what it’s like to grow up in Singapore, attend United World College, an international school embracing a melting pot of cultures, and the challenges when moving to a completely different environment. While Daniel was pursuing his degree in International Relations and Marketing at the University of Southern […]

138 Suzy Jacobs – Business Mentor, MC & Speaker

Suzy Jacobs, Business Mentor, MC, Jane Jackson, career coach, Sydney, Australia, Podcast Host, Podcast, career

         Suzy Jacobs is a sought after MC in the corporate world – gracing any stage with her charisma and charm and fabulous sense of humour. She is also a mentor to 5 ‘kick-arse’ senior executive clients providing leadership and lifestyle coaching to unleash their incredible potential. Suzy is passionate about encouraging […]

137 Diana Holwerda – How To Become a Virtual Assistant

Diana Holwerda, Virtual Assistant, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, podcast, career, careers, sydney, Australia, VA

         Diana Holwerda asks: If you’re thinking of setting up as a Virtual Assistant, consider the skills you could leverage. They could be database management, website design, diary management, social media management, podcast editing, events organisation or a host of administrative or other skills – it just depends on what you can […]

2UE TALKING LIFESTYLE : A New Career in the New Year

2UE, Talking Lifestyle Second Career, Talking Lifestyle, Matthew Tukaki, Jane Jackson, career coach, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand

Matthew Tukaki of 2UE Talking Lifestyle Second Career interviews Jane Jackson, Career Coach, about what you can do to prepare for career success in the new year. What do you need to consider and put into place BEFORE Christmas arrives in order to make 2018 a great year for your career?

136 Stephanie Campanella – Summit Digital

stephanie campanella, summit digital, digital marketing, digital, jane jackson, career coach, career, careers, career change, coach, sydney, australia, London, Singapore, Hong Kong

          Stephanie Campanella, Director of Summit Digital and Tradies Get Online, was a 2013 Action Coach Finalist for ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ and The Hills District Local Business Awards finalist in 2014 for Outstanding Business Person of the Year. Through Summit Digital, Stephanie works with ambitious companies who are struggling […]

135 Cian McLoughlin – CEO Trinity Perspectives

cian mcloughlin, trinity perspectives, sales trainer, sales, jane jackson, career coach, career, careers, leadership coach, sydney, australia,

With a sales career spanning almost 20 years, including senior management roles in a number of the world’s largest software companies, Cian McLoughlin is the founder and CEO of Trinity Perspectives. Cian has trained and advised sales professionals from Brisbane to Bangkok, Christchurch to Cape Town and everywhere in between. Author of the Amazon #1 […]

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