Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Suzy Jacobs – Business Mentor, MC & Speaker


Suzy Jacobs is a sought after MC in the corporate world – gracing any stage with her charisma and charm and fabulous sense of humour. She is also a mentor to 5 ‘kick-arse’ senior executive clients providing leadership and lifestyle coaching to unleash their incredible potential.

Suzy is passionate about encouraging professionals to “not do what society says is available to do” but to “question the norm” and “make stuff happen by generating your own value and revenue”.

She has over 30 years in business – and has worked in areas including manufacturing, health and lifestyle and business education. She has worked in the UK, manufactured products in Vietnam, and currently, operates from Sydney. From customer relationship management at IBM to client relationship director at Think Lateral Company and Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer, Suzy was also Ambassador for the 2014 NSW Women of the Year Award.

Suzy sold her successful business venture, She Business, in 2017 to create something new – a portfolio career in the new gig economy. Suzy works no more than 20 hours a week and whenever presented with an opportunity she asks herself these 3 questions:

Will I add value

Will I have fun

Can I make money

Then she chooses.

Where to find Suzy:

Twitter: @suzyjacobs

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