138 Suzy Jacobs – Business Mentor, MC & Speaker

Suzy Jacobs, Business Mentor, MC, Jane Jackson, career coach, Sydney, Australia, Podcast Host, Podcast, career

         Suzy Jacobs is a sought after MC in the corporate world – gracing any stage with her charisma and charm and fabulous sense of humour. She is also a mentor to 5 ‘kick-arse’ senior executive clients providing leadership and lifestyle coaching to unleash their incredible potential. Suzy is passionate about encouraging […]

75 Dr David Dugan – Business Mentor

David Dugan, Key Person of Influence, Business Mentor, Coach

            Dr. David Dugan is a highly sought after business coach and mentor.  David has spent over 14 years mentoring high performance individuals and with five tertiary qualifications in his pocket, he has acquired a broad range of knowledge and experience on what it takes to achieve success in business. […]