Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life



Enjoy these positive affirmations for relaxation, motivation, happiness and success

Welcome to your time to relax and feel empowered with these positive affirmations.  Enjoy ten minutes of blissful peace and relaxation to build your self confidence and resilience. Click the link below, close your eyes, settle in and breathe …

Allow your eyes to comfortably close

Allow your breath to flow in and deep inside you so you can take time …

Time to breathe and settle into a deep relaxation where your concerns will float away and you will settle into the present moment

As you breathe, you will find your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds that grow into self-belief as you become mindful of the part you play in this universe

You will become aware of the power you have within you …

You have the power to receive happiness and peace within you because you are enough …


Softly sit into the welcoming arms of the present moment

Let this moment support you

Feel the support around you

Lean back into this support

This moment asks nothing of you

Demands nothing from you

You are perfect exactly as you are right now

Feel the surface beneath you

Feel it holding you

Surrender yourself to it

And let the stuff of doing flow out of you and away


Listen and enjoy this meditation, click the play button above and relax for ten minutes and be empowered to simply be you.

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