Why Your Resumé Doesn’t Work

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Have you been making dozens (or hundreds) of job applications and getting nowhere? You may be wondering why your resumé doesn’t work. If your resumé does not work may be because it is purely a responsibility-based resumé. A purely responsibility based resume just doesn’t capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers any more. You […]

HUFFPOST: How to Write a Cover Letter

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I was interviewed by HuffPost on how to write a cover letter, create a powerful resume and create a powerful LinkedIn profile. Published in HuffPost, written by David Barden, Journalist, HuffPost Australia Here’s an excerpt: How To Write A Cover Letter “A well-written cover letter could be the difference between an interview or a rejection. Job […]

7 Deadly Mistakes of Job Seekers

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Job Seekers: Are you struggling to find a new job? Is it taking much longer than you expected? Are you starting to lose confidence about getting another job? If every little thing is starting to feel really hard and you’re feeling fed up, you may be making one, or more, of the 7 deadly mistakes […]

Branding, Resumes & LinkedIn at AIOP

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When it comes to career management, branding is essential.  Keeping your resume up to date along with your LinkedIn profile will ensure that you are ready to attract your desired audience. Last week I was invited to speak at the AIOP (Australian Institute of Office Professionals) professional development and networking event. It was sponsored by […]

15 Top Tips to Write a Powerful Résumé

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If you aren’t getting positive responses after submitting your resume for job applications you may well be thinking,”What’s wrong with my resume?“ Have you overlooked an essential element that will make your resume stand above the competition? Over the past 20 years of coaching over 8,000 clients who have gone through one, or more career […]

67 Get a Job – Resumes & Communications

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, 3 Get a Job – Resumes & Communications

So many listeners ask me about specifics regarding the job search or career transition process so I’ve recorded the next 7 podcast episodes just for you! From Episode 65 through to Episode 71 I’ll discuss each of the essential steps to take control of your career or your job hunt. Each episode will cover one […]


Your Career with Jane Jackson, Resume Basics

Whether you are working with recruiters, making applications for advertised roles online, making a direct approach to companies you are targeting or networking, you need a resume. You may need a soft copy of your resume for emailed applications, a copy to attach to an internet application through a job search portal, a hard copy […]

Lost your job? How to get another one fast!

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Is there a redundancy looming?  Have you just been tapped on the shoulder and told you’re no longer needed? Have you been given the proverbial boot?  Now you’re a job seeker, here are some things you MUST do before launching your job search campaign to get back on your feet and into a new job […]

SteveO Show interview – Navigating Career Crossroads

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https://soundcloud.com/janejacksoncoach/steveo-show-jane-jackson-interview-navigating-career-crossroads I really enjoyed my interview on The SteveO Show discussing my new book, Navigating Career Crossroads – How to Thrive when Changing Direction!  We chatted about what we need to do to make a successful career transition, what holds people back when it comes to progressing in their career, and how to build self […]

UK Book Review – Navigating Career Crossroads

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My new careers book, Navigating Career Crossroads, was recently reviewed by the UK Careers website, Talented Ladies Club.  I hope that my book will make it’s way into the homes of all executives in transition as well as women who are looking to return to the workforce after a break and feel daunted by the […]