Have you been making dozens (or hundreds) of job applications and getting nowhere? You may be wondering why your resumé doesn’t work.

If your resumé does not work may be because it is purely a responsibility-based resumé.

A purely responsibility based resume just doesn’t capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers any more. You have to have a resumé that makes the reader go ‘wow!‘ 

The way to do that when you are looking for a job is not just with a beautifully laid out format and excellent certifications and credentials, you also need to have PROOF that you made a difference in your role.

You MUST include your TANGIBLE CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS in your resumé to stand out from the competition.

In the video below I explain how to identify your accomplishments and how to break down each aspect of an accomplishment statement to turn it into a bullet point to include in your resumé.

This process is important for the success of your job search because it also prepares you to answer many behavioural questions in a job interview.

This is a must watch for all job seekers if you want to get hired.

Here are questions you MUST ask yourself when identifying what your career accomplishments may be:

Did I save time?

Did I save money?

Did I streamline a process?

Did I improve something?

Did I create something new?

Did I identify a problem and solve it?

Did I design and develop something?

Did I mitigate risk?

Did I influence a situation positively?

Did I successfully resolve conflict?

Did I do something that made a positive difference in my job?

If you did something that made a positive difference and generated a good result, document the steps you took to get that positive result using the P-A-R method I explain in the video above.

This will help your resumé to get noticed, and if you prepare well for your job interviews, to land that job!

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