Radio Interview: Effective Resumes

northside radio 99.3fm How do you create an effective resume that works?  Can you send out the same resume for multiple applications?  What are recruiters looking for when they screen your resume?  Learn all of this an more in this informative interview with Jane Jackson.

Why Doesn’t My Resume Get Me an Interview?

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Power Up Your Resume! You’re looking for a new job and you’ve sent your resume in response to numerous advertised roles and … nothing!  If that sounds familiar then read on!  Is there really a résumé Black Hole? What happens to your résumé once you click on the ‘Apply’ button?     On average, every […]

Dust Off Your Resume

dust off your resume

If you are exploring the job market, you will need marketing material to let your potential employers know what you have to offer.  There are many ways to promote yourself during the job search process – working with recruiters, making applications for advertised roles, target marketing and networking. For all of these methods, you will […]