Have you experienced that dreaded ‘tap on the shoulder’ and then asked to attend a private meeting when you’d been feeling an uncomfortable atmosphere of change in your organisation? To then be told that your role has been made redundant can be such a bitter blow and you may feel the air has been sucked out of your lungs.
This experience is especially difficult if you have multiple financial obligations, are experiencing personal challenges and perhaps are also a mature age worker. What can you do to take control of your emotions, handle the stressful situations and get yourself back on track?
Karen Sander, Author of ‘Aging Fearlessly’ who advocates that age is just a number and should not define you, interviews Jane Jackson, Career Management Coach and Author of ‘Navigating Career Crossroads‘ about what you must do when going through a redundancy.
Drawing from 15 years of experience as a transition specialist and having experienced multiple professional and personal transitions herself, Jane talks about the emotions you may feel, the reality check you must make, and what steps you must take to recover from redundancy and reinvent your career.

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