Over the past 20 years coaching professionals to make a successful career transition, I’ve found that having a SUCCESS MINDSET is the most important trait to possess to ensure a smooth career change and secure a role that will be satisfying and rewarding. Do you have a success mindset?

Do you know what it takes to create a success mindset?

In this episode I share the audio recording of the presentation section of my Group Coaching Call with my members within The Careers Academy. Of course our discussion and Q&A after the presentation is confidential for members of The Careers Academy only, but the presentation will give you food for thought!

I provide a Group Coaching Call on the 2nd Monday of every month and I share a presentation on a topic of choice, then open up for 30 minutes of Q&A .

This topic generated a lot of lively discussion during my coaching call, and I’m sure what I share today will give you plenty of food for thought! Enjoy this episode 212 of Your Career Podcast.

If you would like to join a Group Coaching Call without joining The Careers Academy because you need a bit of a boost without the on-going career coaching and community support, online programs and webinars that you get with membership, you can book to attend as a one-off at this link.

Download the the presentation I shared. Listen to the podcast episode and watch this presentation for maximum benefit.

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