212 How to Create a SUCCESS MINDSET

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           Over the past 20 years coaching professionals to make a successful career transition, I’ve found that having a SUCCESS MINDSET is the most important trait to possess to ensure a smooth career change and secure a role that will be satisfying and rewarding. Do you have a success mindset? Do you […]

163 Alexandra Galviz #LinkedInLocal Co-Founder

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Alexandra Galviz #LinkedInLocal Co-Founder

This is a very special episode as it comes 2 days before the 9th #LinkedInLocalSydney event on 7th November, one which brings 5 LinkedIn Experts together to share the latest LinkedIn insights and to raise funds for Buy a Bale, to support drought stricken farmers in New South Wales, Australia. SPECIAL GUEST ALEXANDRA GALVIZ As Alexandra […]

161 Abbie White Sales Redefined

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Abbie White Sales Redefined

Abbie White is the Founder of Sales Redefined, she is ridiculously passionate about empowering Businesses to authentically increase their sales and get results. I was lucky to get to interview Abbie in the weeks before she had her first baby and became a true ‘Mum-Entrepreneur’! Abbie works with Australia’s leading corporates such as Telstra, and […]

157 Warwick Merry Australia’s Best MC

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Warwick Merry Australia’s Best MC

Every once in a while you meet someone who has so much personality that he or she is larger than life! Warwick Merry is one of the people – I was fortunate to catch him for a podcast interview about how he became Australia’s Best MC and enjoyed his top tips on public speaking as […]


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This topic is a popular one for those who are looking for career progression and feel stuck. Do you just keep your head down and work hard and hope that your efforts will be noticed by decision makers? Or do you seek assistance? What type of assistance will be best for you? Follow us on […]

87 Paul Darby – AccountAbility Recruitment

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Paul Darby – AccountAbility Recruitment

As a recruitment specialist, Paul Darby, shares his career journey, his insights across cultures between Great Britain, France and Australia, and how this has benefited him in his role as Managing Director of AccountAbility Recruitment in Sydney. He has created an extremely positive culture at AccountAbility and employees and candidates truly enjoy their experience with […]

Be grateful for every moment …

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Have you ever worked so hard for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to relax and just enjoy life?  I’m sorry to admit it, but I’ve been like that recently and I’m the one who coaches people on taking care of themselves! The past year has been a whirlwind of coaching, training, writing, […]