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It was an honour to be interviewed on the Brand New You Podcast, hosted by Ryan Rhoten.

In this podcast interview Ryan asks me about the essential steps to make a successful career transition, as covered in my bestselling book, Navigating Career Crossroads. [Second Edition now available – release date May 2020]

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Ryan asks about the importance of building self-confidence and a positive mindset, what it takes to gain career clarity and the 7 essential steps professionals must take to make a successful career change:

  1. Building your confidence, resilience and self reliance by managing the stress of transition
  2. Assessing what really makes you tick through a series of self-assessment exercises
  3. Creating a powerful communication strategy including resumes and cover letters
  4. Managing your personal brand and professional image on LinkedIn and in person
  5. Leveraging all of the most effective job search strategies including how to network
  6. Preparing for every type of interview and how to answer behavioural questions
  7. Negotiating the best outcome for a win-win for both parties and on boarding smoothly into your new role.

To listen, click here and take control of your career for a Brand New You!

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