Top 20 Career Podcast – Your Career Podcast

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YOUR CAREER PODAST AWARDED TOP 20 CAREER PODCAST 2018! I am honoured that YOUR CAREER Podcast is ranked number 10 within this incredible cohort of Career podcasts globally. Having created this podcast for people who are looking for a job, seeking career advice or looking for career coaching support, to receive this honour for my […]


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This topic is a popular one for those who are looking for career progression and feel stuck. Do you just keep your head down and work hard and hope that your efforts will be noticed by decision makers? Or do you seek assistance? What type of assistance will be best for you? Follow us on […]

Should I Start a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz

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Honoured to be interviewed on “Should I Start a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz” about my podcast journey. “Should I Start a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz” is a podcast that features professionals who are offering advice, insights and opinions on a range of topics in their professional expertise.  In this episode Ronsley finds out why I […]


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It was an honour to be interviewed on the Brand New You Podcast, hosted by Ryan Rhoten. In this podcast interview Ryan asks me about the essential steps to make a successful career transition, as covered in my bestselling book, Navigating Career Crossroads. [Second Edition now available – release date May 2020] Ryan asks about […]


Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,HOW TO CREATE A PODCAST

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46 The Fear of Failure

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, The Fear of Failure

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22 John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas, the Entrepreneur on Fire, has inspired countless entrepreneurs globally to take control of their businesses and leverage all their skills to build their own empires or lifestyle businesses. His infection energy and positivity combined with admirable business acumen and strategy delivered through his DAILY podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio means that […]

iTunes Podcast : Jane Jackson CAREERS

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Welcome to the podcast:  Jane Jackson CAREERS The podcast that covers how to manage your career, self leadership and mindfulness in the workplace.  Look out for insightful interviews with professionals who have successfully made a career change, transitioned into entrepreneurship or built a small business.  Here’s where you will gain inspiration! If there is a […]