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As CEO of Social Jukebox – a social media scheduling tool that is a digital marketer’s dream, Tim Fargo inspires us with his entrepreneurial spirit. Social Jukebox is one of Tim’s many fascinating ventures, and is a valuable tool that helps entrepreneurs save time by scheduling posts, tweets and updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn months in advance and goes way beyond what the other social media scheduling tools offer!
Tim’s exciting and varied career journey proves that he is the epitome of the serial entrepreneur.
Before diving deep into how Social Jukebox will help YOUR business and brand (and why Tim was compelled to create this fabulous time saving tool), find out about Tim’s fascinating career journey from the early days to where he is now with Social Jukebox. And yes, Social Jukebox is set to take the social media world by storm!

Listen to how he set up a company from zero revenues, a home office and credit card financing to growing into a $20 Million Business run from a 20,000 square foot office with a $2 Million line of credit within six years, and all the other businesses that will inspire us to take the plunge into entrepreneurship too. 

Tim also wrote “Claimants. Lies and Videotape – A Claim’s Handler’s Guide to Surveillance”, which is now an insurance industry standard for investigative education AND a certified course in over twenty American states for continuing education credits. 
Unconventional, driven, focused, and always seeking a fun way to get the job done, enjoy Tim’s inspiring podcast episode and find out his top tips for success!

Where to find Tim


Twitter: @tweet_jukebox

Twitter: @alphabetsuccess

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