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When it comes to careers, having a solid social media presence can help with job hunting, career planning, establishing your ‘brand name’ and networking activities. The recruitment process has changed dramatically in recent years with employers and employees often communicating through social media platforms like LinkedIn. “Almost all job applications are advertised online … social […]

95 Tim Fargo – Social Jukebox

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Tim Fargo – Social Jukebox

As CEO of Social Jukebox – a social media scheduling tool that is a digital marketer’s dream, Tim Fargo inspires us with his entrepreneurial spirit. Social Jukebox is one of Tim’s many fascinating ventures, and is a valuable tool that helps entrepreneurs save time by scheduling posts, tweets and updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn months […]

84 Keith Keller – Global Twitter Guru

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Keith Keller – Global Twitter Guru

Keith Keller has had an fascinating career journey from early dreams to be a radio show host to becoming a musician writing and performing songs in his heavy metal, leather pants style delivering music he describes as ‘Bon Jovi singing to the Dalai Lama’ then realising that was not going to pay the bills which […]

23 Felicity O’Donohue – Social Kitty

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Felicity O’Donohue – Social Kitty

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Key Person of Influence Award

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I was surprised and honoured to have been presented with the Key Person of Influence Profile Award last Saturday evening in Sydney. This award was presented for Profile – social media profile – as my LinkedIn presence has provided guidance and support to hundreds of thousands of job seekers globally.  It’s humbling to be acknowledged […]

LinkedIn – It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated!

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    When I work with clients who are going through a career transition, discussions always turn to whether it is worthwhile to create a LinkedIn profile to enhance their job search.  I always enthusiastically say, ‘Yes!” LinkedIn is a professional networking site that enables you to interact with their connections and conduct research on […]