Natalie Noakes, Aspen Nannies, Your Career Podcast



Natalie Noakes, Founder of Aspen Nannies, loves children, animals and the environment.

She has had an international upbringing and holds a bachelor degree in Science from Sydney University.

Graduating as an Environment Scientist, Natalie worked as a hydrologist for the Australian government agency, Sydney Water, for 5 years before pursuing one of her dream of being a ski­-bum for a few months in the mountains of Colorado.

Moving to Aspen Colorado, the few months easily turned into 2 years. Natalie fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle and culture Aspen has to offer.

Discovering that Aspen is a very expensive place to live, Natalie worked a series of 3 or 4 jobs in hotels and restaurants each season to make ends meet. Babysitting was always one of her preferred jobs.

After a few seasons Natalie’s love of children, the Aspen lifestyle, and the great families she has met over the years spurred her to create her own company, Aspen Nannies.

Natalie provides reliable, safe and fun babysitters that give parents peace of mind while they relax and enjoy time to themselves.


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