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The 14th September is Self Appreciation Day

It starts with you.

An interview with Prema Smith – Actor, Director, Singer, Self Appreciation Day Founder


We, as humans, focus more on negative thoughts rather than positive. We think about our mistakes more than we think about our successes. Mindfulness and Mental Fitness help us change this.

Prema Smith is the CEO and Founder of the Self Appreciation Day campaign. He has years of experience in, and extensive knowledge of, mental health and mind set.

Prema has always been able to see the general absence of self-love and self-care within the broader community and country.

He has long felt a burning desire to neutralise the stigma around these concepts and teach to create awareness to the people of the world about the power of Self Appreciation.

After the tragic passing of both his best friend of 26 years and of his father in February 2018, he decided as a testimony to his father’s love, that he would found Self Appreciation Day and a movement for the betterment of us all.

Prema Smith is an Actor, Director, Singer, serial entrepreneur and sought after presenter having worked on numerous films and television shows including Channel 7, the ABC.  Before he became a successful actor, his sense of adventure lead him to becoming a head chef at a specialty steakhouse, a restaurant owner and owner of a successful landscaping business, all before the age of 25!

In this podcast episode we talk about his fascinating career and life journey from Sri Lanka to Australia and how we can join him to honour Self Appreciation day on 14th September.

“If you want to change the world, go home and tell your family you love them.” – Mother Teresa

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