158 Prema Smith Self Appreciation Day Founder

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Prema Smith Self Appreciation Day Founder

The 14th September is Self Appreciation Day It starts with you. An interview with Prema Smith – Actor, Director, Singer, Self Appreciation Day Founder WHAT IS SELF APPRECIATION? We, as humans, focus more on negative thoughts rather than positive. We think about our mistakes more than we think about our successes. Mindfulness and Mental Fitness […]

133 Adam Azali – Dancer Singer Entertainer

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,Adam Azali – Dancer Singer Entertainer

Adam Azali Rai started performing at the age of 14 and is highly skilled in multiple dance genres including jazz, Chinese, Indonesian and Bollywood dance styles as well as contemporary dance. Adam has performed extensively as a freelance dancer for years before branching into acting and modeling. Adam Is also a talented singer and in […]