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Episode 150 of Your Career Podcast!

What an amazing journey it’s been since I started this podcast 2 years ago and over a hundred thousand downloads later, here we are!

This podcast is ranked in the TOP CAREER PODCASTS by Macs List for the 2nd year in a row. What an honour and a huge thank you to Macs List – it means so much to me!

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Every episode of Your Career Podcast is recorded with love as I am on a mission to make careers guidance accessible and affordable to ALL who need it.

In this Podcast I provide career tips, encouragement and support. For example,

Episode 1 covers are you too old to be hired?

Episode 11 provides the top 3 tips for a standout LinkedIn Profile

Episode 32 covers the latest job search trends and what to watch out for

Episode 34 is a deep dive into how to network effectively at a conference even if you are a shy person

For Episode 94 I recorded a beautiful meditation for you with positive affirmations to change your life to give you 10 minutes of blissful peace.

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I’ve also interviewed over 100 amazing professionals who have made incredible career changes.

From podcast gurus including John Lee Dumas, Colin Gray to social media influencers, Jillian Bullock, Chris J Reed and Adam Houlahan and Keith Keller.

I’ve interviewed career changers who’ve made incredible leaps in job function or industry successfully including Doyle Buehler who was a Canadian Air Force Pilot and now is a global digital expert based in Perth, Nadine Champion who has overcome incredible odds to become Martial Arts Sensei and TedX speaker,  Jane Anderson who has reinvented her career successfully and become a well known branding expert based in Brisbane,  Linda Hill who runs an incredibly successful beauty therapy recruitment business in London, and Tayo Rockson and Dorie Clark in New York who are taking the world by storm with their entrepreneurial ventures and thriving after several major transitions. And so many, many more incredible professionals who will inspire you with their stories.

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Now today, I interview a wonderful professional who has made a number of fascinating changes in her career and now is helping to change the lives of many through her important work.

Enjoy, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

In this episode I interview Specialised Kinesiologist, Maureen Callister, who has experienced a number of major transitions and navigated them successfully.

Maureen is the Owner of Self Centred

Through kinesiology, coaching, counselling and NLP Maureen teaches self awareness, happiness and basically how to make life easier.

As a Specialised Kinesiologist and Master of NLP Maureen has worked in Australia and in Dubai in the area of health and wellness for 18 years, specialising in

Maureen works holistically to assist clients resolve physical and emotional issues. Maureen is particularly skilled at identifying the underlying issues that are holding us back from reaching our potential. When these challenges are resolved we are able to thrive and discover greater personal freedom.

Maureen has taught and presented on Stress Management running corporate workshops and private group trainings. She has over 18 years’ experience in the stress management field and assists her clients overcome anxiety, and depression.

Maureen’s Career Journey:

Maureen has a wide and varied career, starting with a Degree in Hospitality Management she worked in the hotel industry in Belfast, Ireland for only 3 years before going off to London. She joined British Airways and worked as a fight attendant for 4 years until flying took her to Australia. Here she was accepted into IBM and studied again for nearly 2 years to provide technical computer support to their large corporate clients. After another 2 years Maureen moved into marketing.

From IBM Maureen moved to marketing position at Telstra where she stayed for 9 years. During this time she married and had her two children.

Due to personal / family challenges she left Telstra and focus on the family.

This is when she started to study naturopathy following a long standing passion for natural health and wellbeing.

Set up her own business; Self Centred in 2000.

Practised Massage, Reflexology and gradually moved into Kinesiology.

2007 moved to Dubai with Husband and kids .

Worked in a large integrated medical centre practicing kinesiology. This was a wonderful learning experience with lots of opportunities to learn and grow and teach.

Returned to Sydney 2011 and reestablished Self Centred clinic.

2015 took on the distribution rights to Altearah; the French product range of organic wellness products.

Maureen is offering a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your specific requirements via Zoom or Skype.  Contact her via the links below and start your journey of wellness!

Where to find Maureen:


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