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Jane Jackson is a leading Career Management Coach, Author of #1 Amazon bestseller, Navigating Career Crossroads, awarded Linkedin Top Voice 2020, and Host of ‘Your Career’ Podcast. 2x Telstra Business Women’s Award Nominee.  

Jane draws upon over 30 years of experience to help professionals to find that spark of joy in their careers – so they can follow their true passion and direction. 

Over the past 20 years, Jane has successfully guided and coached over 8,000 clients to take control of their careers, gain career clarity and the confidence to build their personal brand to attract career opportunities.

Early Days

 My early childhood could be called the halcyon days, growing up living in a lovely Colonial home with high ceilings, large patios, Mum, Dad, my brother, Tom, and my 2 cats at the Hong Kong University.

However, most of us experience some ‘tough stuff’ in our lives and I have too. 

When my British father, a Cambridge scholar, died when I was 11 he left my Hong Kong Chinese mother who spoke only Cantonese, to bring up my brother and me. We didn’t have a lot of money then, but Mum was  a pillar of strength.

I went to Hong Kong Island School, however received little career guidance in my teens and early twenties and I made choices that would have been very different had Dad (the academic) been there to guide me.

It All Makes Sense To Me Now

I married, had 2 beautiful daughters, moved country 5 times, went through a divorce, and as a consequence had to retrain, up-skill and reinvent my career a number of times.  These experienced prepared me very well to become a career management coach and transition specialist.

In my early career I worked in Public Relations as a PR Officer in Hong Kong and London.

I also took to the skies for a change in scenery, providing service with a smile around the world for Korean Airlines and British Airways when flight attendants were called ‘Hosties’.  

A fitness buff, I completed, the New York and Manchester marathons  and jumped out of 3 planes to get over my fear of heights – I’m sorry to say it didn’t work! 

Fitness, Corporate Training & Branding

I qualified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor and won the Silver Medal in the Nike Singapore National Aerobics Championship. This resulted in a Nike sponsorship, and I became a ‘Nike Elite‘ to promote Total Body Conditioning across the island nation and also to audiences up to 2,000 at the Singapore World Trade Centre.

I then re-entered the corporate world, launching my corporate training business, facilitating training workshops for companies including Credit Suisse First Boson, IBM and ABN Amro in Singapore.

I also qualified as an Image Consultant and gained valuable presentation skills [what my husband calls my ‘drama queen’ skills] through numerous acting roles for the Singapore Stage Club.

Dancing Days

My love of dance helped me to land a part-time role as back-up dancer for Tina & The Turners, a review dance troupe entertaining crowds of between 200 – 500 at numerous corporate events in Singapore.

I was invited to choreograph and perform in the professional musical, ‘Chameleon’. We débuted at the Jubilee Hall at Raffles Singapore and received standing ovations every night, but scathing reviews by the critics! Watch this tiny snippet of me leading my boys and girls during the finale in Chameleon – those were fun days.

Finding my calling

At the age of 40, after a divorce, my 5th country move and career reinvention, with 2 teenage daughters, my ageing mother and my cat, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment.  I realised that my multiple transitions, background in public relations and corporate training and a large dose of empathy, had prepared me well for the next phase in my career as a Career & Life Transition Coach.

My background, solid understanding across cultures and unique perspective enables me to understand and support my clients to reinvent their careers.

I’m inspired to help you find your true passion and direction.

Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Voted Linkedin Top Voice 2020 in Australia, and Top 20 Career Coach to follow in 2020 by TalentLMS, my mission is to make careers guidance accessible and affordable to all.

My book, #1 Amazon Australia best seller NAVIGATING CAREER CROSSROADS, is a finalist in The Australian Career Book Awards, and guides you every step to secure your next job.

Listen to YOUR CAREER podcast for my career advice and inspiring interviews with professionals who have made successful career changes.

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