Christmas Cheer or Career Crisis?

It’s Christmas time – are you a job seeker facing a career crisis and wondering if you should keep up job search efforts over the Christmas season? Or should you forget about it until the New Year?

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Are you thinking:

1 “Will I miss out on a job opportunity if I scale back my marketing efforts during Christmas?”

2 “I’m tired, would I be wrong to take a break and just relax during this time?”

3 “Is there any point in approaching recruiters or networking for a job when everyone is gearing up for Christmas and family time?”

I can’t tell you what is right for you as circumstances are different for each individual, however, I can give you some options. You must decide what’s best for YOU while others are knocking back the eggnog or Christmas cocktail. Speaking of which, you may like to try one of the Christmas cocktail recipes I found on the Cosmopolitan website after reading the rest of this article.  The Frosted Coconut Blitz looks delicious! The link is at the end of the article but first, read on  …

Here are what I believe are your Christmas Career and Job Seeking options:

1.             Give it a break and focus on family over Christmas and hit the job hunt again towards the end of January.

Do this if you are feeling burnt out over the job search process and you need to recharge your batteries, clear your head and have some down time. If you have enough financial resources to tide you through for the next 4-6 months, this is a viable option.

If you keep at it when you’re exhausted and lacking confidence, you will do yourself a disservice whenever you speak with potential decision makers.  Meet with people when you are well prepared and in a positive mindset.

2.             Keep networking and meet recruitment consultants who are open to discussing opportunities in the New Year.

Do this if you are still feeling energetic, positive and clear about what you have to offer your target audience.  Networking now is a little easier as there are more social events. People are usually more open to having conversations as they are feeling Christmas cheer.

Roles still need filling. You may increase your chances of success as many job seekers may have decided to act on Option 1.

3.             Sharpen Your Axe so you’re ready to clear the way to success in the New Year

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Do the following if you know that you still need to prepare yourself well for the job search.

·       Update your resume or CV with your tangible accomplishments. Click here for resume tips and to download a free resume checklist to keep you on track.

·       Update your LinkedIn profile with a powerful tagline, craft a compelling summary with key words to enhance your SEO. Upload a professional photo, request for recommendations and share interesting articles about your area of expertise in relevant groups. Click here for top LinkedIn tips you can implement over the Christmas period. 

·      Research the industries and companies you want to target. Find out the latest developments. Identify the key executives you need to meet.

·      Make a networking list of people you must contact. Ask for an appointment for a conversation for advice and guidance in the New Year. This will get you closer to your target audience – the decision maker.

·      Join an industry association, chamber of commerce or networking group.  Here’s where you’ll meet like-minded professionals who will inspire you

·      Write short articles on your area of expertise and post them on a personal blog or on to Pulse on LinkedIn. This will make you more ‘Google-able’. If you are in serious contention for a role it is likely the screener will Google you or look for you on LinkedIn


Of course, if you are really stuck, read Navigating Career Crossroads. It’s a #1 Amazon Australia best seller and takes you through all 7 of the essential steps to make a successful career transition and job search. It will certainly help you to sharpen your axe and prepare yourself well to launch your job search marketing campaign in the New Year!


Which of these suggestions will work best for you? Do you have other ideas? Comment below and make this a positive support forum for job seekers over Christmas!


Now, back to those Christmas Cocktails I promised earlier for a little extra Cheer: . Check out #5 – the Frosted Coconut Blitz – that one looks good!
Have a happy and safe holiday season and may 2017 bring you much happiness, good health and success.

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