Facing a Christmas Career Crisis?

Christmas is coming – are you a job seeker facing a career crisis? If your career is in crisis, should you keep up your job search efforts over the Christmas season? Or should you forget about it until the New Year? Are you having these thoughts? 1 “Will I miss out on a job opportunity […]

7 Deadly Mistakes of Job Seekers

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Job Seekers: Are you struggling to find a new job? Is it taking much longer than you expected? Are you starting to lose confidence about getting another job? If every little thing is starting to feel really hard and you’re feeling fed up, you may be making one, or more, of the 7 deadly mistakes […]

52 Christmas Job Hunting

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Christmas Job Hunting

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Ho, Ho, Ho, Where Did All the Job Seekers Go?

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Christmas is just around the corner, and many of my clients who are looking for a new job ask me “Should I stop looking for a job during this period or should I keep looking?” Of course Christmas and the holiday period is a wonderful time to take a break, relax and enjoy your family […]

How to Find a Job if You’re Over 50

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How to find a job if you’re over 50 You’re over 50 and you know the job market is tough these days. You may feel that the battle is too hard to win. How do you find a job if you’re over 50? There are people over 50 landing good jobs! What’s their magic formula […]

5 questions to ask when job hunting

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Do you find job hunting a challenge? As a career coach I work with individuals who are job hunting to help them gain clarity about what they really want. Together we identify their personal and career values and transferrable skills. We also discuss resume writing, cover letters, interview techniques and job search strategies. There are […]

Lost your job? How to get another one fast!

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Is there a redundancy looming?  Have you just been tapped on the shoulder and told you’re no longer needed? Have you been given the proverbial boot?  Now you’re a job seeker, here are some things you MUST do before launching your job search campaign to get back on your feet and into a new job […]

Talented Ladies Club (UK)

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How to avoid the 7 most common Job Hunting Mistakes I am honoured to be a regular contributor to the Talented Ladies Club blog – here’s one of my articles: http://www.talentedladiesclub.com/all-help/all-how-to-work-flexibly/all-how-to-work-flexibly-getting-started/how-to-avoid-the-seven-most-common-job-hunting-mistakes/ Who are Talented Ladies Club? Talented Ladies Club was founded by two friends – Hannah Martin and Kary Fisher. Hannah Martin Over the last 18 […]

A Successful Job Search Needs a Curious Mind

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A Successful Job Search needs a Curious Mind As a career coach I work with individuals to identify their personal and career values, transferrable skills. We also discuss resume writing, cover letters, interview techniques and job search strategies. There are many books and articles available in the bookshops and on the Internet on how to […]