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How to avoid the 7 most common Job Hunting Mistakes

I am honoured to be a regular contributor to the Talented Ladies Club blog – here’s one of my articles:


Who are Talented Ladies Club?

Talented Ladies Club was founded by two friends – Hannah Martin and Kary Fisher.

Hannah Martin

Over the last 18 years, Hannah has worked as an award-winning copywriter for international publications and advertising agencies. She’s also trained as a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and NLP practitioner. Her interest in psychology and belief in the power we all have to take control of our lives and achieve our goals, inspired Hannah to set up TLC with Kary. And her experience of being a working mum, freelancer and starting a business, plus well-honed copywriting skills helped her to bring the website to life. Hannah lives by the sea in West Sussex with her partner and two children, Ollie and Mimi.

Kary Fisher

Kary Fisher has 18 years’ experience as a graphic designer and illustrator. Before becoming a mum, Kary worked for design agencies in Paris, London and Brighton. After the birth of her daughter Amelie, Kary decided to launch a new freelance career, which enabled her to structure her days around her family, while pursuing her passion for design and illustration. It was this experience that inspired Kary to launch TLC with Hannah. Today Kary works with select clients on print and online projects. As well as working for large organisations such as Disney and the BBC, she helps start-ups and young businesses develop their visual identity and marketing materials.


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