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When researching the top employers in Australia to target, sometimes we can feel at a loss – here are the Top Graduate Employers in Australia 2017 for you to consider.

The important thing to do when deciding on your next career step is to conduct research about the companies that interest you, the industry trends, the culture within different departments, the management style of your manager, the values of the employer, the senior management, and the team environment.  Does your research suggest that there is a good match between your aspirations, your values and your professional and personal preferences?  If not, continue to ask questions, find out more so that you can make an informed decision.

The key is to ask your current network, to expand your network in the area you are targeting by attending industry events and networking events and act like a detective!  Then you can work on your marketing approach which will include how to influence decision makers, how to build your sphere of influence, how to make compelling applications, use online job boards, work with recruiters, present yourself well at interviews and seal the deal.

Click here for the Top Graduate Employers in Australia 2017

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Good luck!

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