How Manage Stress and Develop Resilience for Career Success

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    Have you ever thought, “OMG, How Do I Get Through This?”  When it comes to job loss, the anxiety you may feel when it happens can be debilitating.   No matter how awful this situation it is possible to get through it and not just survive, but THRIVE from the lessons we learn […]

219 Anne Riches – Workplace Mental Health

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Where to find Anne LinkedIn   I hope you enjoy this episode of Your Career Podcast.  I love providing career inspiration and advice as I’m on a mission to make careers guidance and support accessible and affordable to ALL who need it.  If you like this support, please buy me a coffee!  [I love […]

200 Your Mental Health Matters

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If you have ever felt that things are spiralling out of control, reach out for support. Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. For additional support to build your self confidence and improve your mental health, create The […]

How to Handle Workplace Bullying

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson,How to Handle Workplace Bullying

How to Handle Workplace Bullying &nbsp Recently I’ve had many clients express the challenges that they face in the workplace when it comes to relationships – how to develop positive relationships when there is a considerable amount of negativity around you. This often happens when there is change – unwelcome change or unexpected change – […]

Workplace Bullying – World of Work

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Workplace bullies are cold, timid souls who rejoice in tearing others down. Have you experienced or witnessed workplace bullying? Workplace Bullying I have worked with a number of clients who have experience of this – workplace bullying causes severe anxiety and creates other mental health issues. That, in turn affects their career, job satisfaction, their […]