COLLECTIVE HUB: Should You Send a Follow-Up Email?

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SHOULD YOU SEND A FOLLOW-UP EMAIL? HELL YES, SAY THESE EXPERTS Published in Collective Hub, 2 August 2017 I was recently interviewed by LIZZA GEBILAGIN for this article in Collective Hub. Here is an excerpt: Remember your manners (and professionalism) When you’re writing a follow-up email, focus on being polite. “Make sure the tone of your email […]

15 INTERVIEWS: Top 10 Tips to Get an Interview

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In order to prepare well for your job interviews, take time to reassess and reset your game plan with these 10 No-Nonsense Tips to Get an Interview. STEP 1: Reset your mindset Maintain your confidence (you are still the same competent and capable professional you were at the beginning of this process.) Be fearless and […]

Radio Interview: How to Ace Your Job Interview

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  SteveO discusses job interviews in this interview on FM99.3 North Shore Radio. Most people don’t know how to effectively prepare for a job interview.   The biggest fatal flaw is lack of preparation – not having done the research into the company and the position, no knowing what key strengths to highlight during the interview, […]

What You Need to Know to Ace Your Job Interview

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  We tend to get quite worked up about interviews. With all eyes on you, the process can often feel like you are giving the presentation of your life. Few of us are great at interviews because we haven’t had many of them.  For most people, interviews can feel quite daunting. Many of us will […]

Are You Prepared for Job Interviews?

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Job Interview Preparation How much time to you spend preparing for that all-important interview?  If it’s 10 minutes on the Internet looking at the company website to get a quick overview of what they do, then that is not enough! So how do you prepare sufficiently for your job interview?     4 Fatal Flaws […]