Job Interview Preparation

How much time to you spend preparing for that all-important interview?  If it’s 10 minutes on the Internet looking at the company website to get a quick overview of what they do, then that is not enough! So how do you prepare sufficiently for your job interview?



4 Fatal Flaws of Interviewees

Executive Search Firm Korn Ferry conducted a study of 450 recruiters a few years ago and asked them what they considered to be the fatal flaws of interviewees.  The results were:

And, worst of all …

Consider the following questions.  If you feel comfortable answering each of them then you are on your way to being well prepared.  If not, then it’s time to get serious about your preparation for the interview.

·       Tell Me About Yourself  (see how to prepare for this question)

·       Why have you applied for this role?

·       What do you know about our organization?

·       What are your relevant achievements to date?

·       What work related problems have you encountered and solved successfully?

·       What examples can you provide to demonstrate your leadership ability/initiative/work ethic/effective communication skills?

·       How does your past experience relate to this particular position?

·       How will your skills, experience and training benefit your potential employer?

·       What are your key strengths and competencies, what do you consider may be areas for improvement?

·       What are your short-term and long-term career goals?

Also consider what will be appropriate attire for each interview.  Have you researched the corporate culture and dress code of the organization?  What you will wear that will make you look like you already belong in that role?

Here’s what will be going through the mind of the interviewer as you sit in front of them:

·      How much enthusiasm does this candidate have about our organisation?

·      How long will this person stay with us if they got the role?

·      Will we work well together; will this candidate fit in with the team?

·      How motivated is this candidate to perform this role and exceed expectations?

·      Can I rely on this candidate?

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