The AI Job Interview – How to Prepare to Ace Your AI Job Interview

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Did you know that artificial intelligence may scan your résumé when you apply for a job? The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is well known in recruitment and I’ve written much about how to tailor your resumé to help you get past the ATS. But are you prepared to have your next JOB INTERVIEW assessed by […]

70 Get a Job – Job Interviews

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     HOW TO GET YOUR DREAM JOB There are 7 episodes in this JOB SEARCH SERIES within the Jane Jackson Careers podcast. So many listeners ask me about specifics regarding the job search or career transition process so I’m now going to make it really easy for you. From Episode 65 through to Episode 71 […]

Are You Prepared for Job Interviews?

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Job Interview Preparation How much time to you spend preparing for that all-important interview?  If it’s 10 minutes on the Internet looking at the company website to get a quick overview of what they do, then that is not enough! So how do you prepare sufficiently for your job interview?     4 Fatal Flaws […]

Tell Me About Yourself

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“Tell Me About Yourself” One common opening question in an interview is usually the one that most people find extremely difficult. It’s question that puts them on the spot. It’s a question that gives them the stage and, if they are well prepared, provides an opportunity to create a strong, and lasting, first impression. Ask […]