88 How to Ace Your Job Interview!

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According to an article in BusinessWire, Top executive recruiters say the most common interview mistake is verbosity.  There are candidates who simply “talk too much,” states the Executive Recruiter Index (Part II) released by Korn/Ferry International (NYSE:KFY), the world’s leading provider of recruitment solutions. Among more than 300 professional recruiters surveyed, 43 percent believe the most […]

15 INTERVIEWS: Top 10 Tips to Get an Interview

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, INTERVIEWS: Top 10 Tips to Get an Interview

In order to prepare well for your job interviews, take time to reassess and reset your game plan with these 10 No-Nonsense Tips to Get an Interview. STEP 1: Reset your mindset Maintain your confidence (you are still the same competent and capable professional you were at the beginning of this process.) Be fearless and […]


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As a result of being awarded the Key Person of Influence Profile Award, I was fortunate to recently be interviewed by Leonie Prendeville from Key Person of Influence on how I build my online brand and profile.  In particular we discussed how LinkedIn is a powerful professional social media networking site that links professionals together […]

Would John Cleese be a good career coach for you?

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I found this hilarious career coaching video by John Cleese from his Monty Python’s Flying Circus days and had to share!  Would you be coached by this man … and do you know what you’re suited to for your career? Enjoy this skit!  

What should you do after an interview?

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You walk out of the interview and think, “Whew! I’m glad that’s over!” What do you do next?   Do you ever follow up after your interviews? Or do you simply wait and hope? When I was working in recruitment, I was amazed at the number of people who failed to continue to sell themselves […]

Steve O Show – An Interview with Career Coach, Jane Jackson on Northside Radio


Interview on The SteveO Show, Northside Radio FM99.3 SteveO interviews Jane Jackson about her bestselling book, Navigating Career Crossroads and how to make a successful career transition by creating your dream job. Jane explains why career management and coaching enable professionals to take control of their career.

10 No-Nonsense Tips to Get an Interview

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Looking for a new job evokes a wide range of feelings.  You might experience soaring exhilaration, excitement and anticipation in the early stages when you feel confident that the Universe will smile upon your every move.  If all goes according to your plan, the offer lands on your table, you sign and you’re off and […]

How to Sabotage Your Interview

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Are you looking for a job?  In order to secure a role, you will need to attend at least one interview.  Too many candidates attend interviews with the expectation that they will do well because of their experience and they will ‘wing’ it.   However during the interview you must present yourself in such a manner […]

Are You Prepared for Job Interviews?

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Job Interview Preparation How much time to you spend preparing for that all-important interview?  If it’s 10 minutes on the Internet looking at the company website to get a quick overview of what they do, then that is not enough! So how do you prepare sufficiently for your job interview?     4 Fatal Flaws […]