Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, INTERVIEWS: Top 10 Tips to Get an Interview


In order to prepare well for your job interviews, take time to reassess and reset your game plan with these 10 No-Nonsense Tips to Get an Interview.

STEP 1: Reset your mindset
Maintain your confidence (you are still the same competent and capable professional you were at the beginning of this process.) Be fearless and know the value you have to offer employers – an amazing resume isn’t much use in the hands of a depressed candidate

STEP 2: Identify your goals and values
Create clear and concise career goals that align with your values. Be sure you know what you want so you can focus your efforts in the right places.

STEP 3: Identify and nurture your referees
Identify those who will be strong referees for you. Choose previous managers, co-workers, customers or vendors who know you in a professional capacity and think you are GREAT!

STEP 4: Create your action plan
It’s much easier to get to your destination if you have a roadmap. Let your action plan guide you with the tasks you need to complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

STEP 5: Identify whom you know in your target market
This process should primarily be a people search, not a job search. People are the ones who make the hiring decisions.

STEP 6: Identify your economic value to an organization
Identify your economic value and the organisational worth you bring to the companies in your target market.

STEP 7: Prepare your written and verbal introduction
Make sure you know what you want to get across in your career summary in your resume, in the opening paragraphs of your cover letter and when meeting with your network.

STEP 8: Tailor your application
Create a powerful cover letter and resume; make them high-impact documents that communicate your ability to produce results. Provide proven examples of success in areas that are relevant to the role.

STEP 9: Practice self-care
Take good care of yourself. Create a routine that feels good, take time every day to release tension – exercise, meditate, prepare nutritious, regular meals, get enough sleep.

STEP 10: Reassess every 2 weeks
Identify the strategies in your action plan (networking, working with recruiters, online applications and target marketing) that work for you and reassess what is not working.

Taking these 10 No-Nonsense Tips will help you to project the best possible image when you go for job interviews.

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