5 questions to ask when job hunting

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Do you find job hunting a challenge? As a career coach I work with individuals who are job hunting to help them gain clarity about what they really want. Together we identify their personal and career values and transferrable skills. We also discuss resume writing, cover letters, interview techniques and job search strategies. There are […]

Networking for a Job – The Golden Rule

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The Golden rule when Networking for a Job: Create Serendipity When it comes to networking, some people believe serendipity is luck, chance or accidental. I don’t. When it happens, I believe it is meant to happen at that moment, right where you are. However, there are times when you can create your own serendipity … […]

How to get your dream job : The 7 Steps CAREERS Program

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Follow The 7 Steps CAREERS Program to confidently manage your career change and discover the essential steps to secure your dream role! http://youtu.be/H99bbNYHUrI Going through a career transition can be an emotional roller coaster and at times you may feel quite daunted by the entire process.  Let me guide your through the process so that […]

Pay it forward at every opportunity

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Always ‪pay it forward. I saw an unemployed gentleman in Martin Place today as I was going to a dental appointment.  He’d pinned a sign on the front of his shirt and the same words on a sign on the back of his jacket:  “Please help me survive.  I’m unemployed but I’m not giving up“ […]

SteveO Show interview – Navigating Career Crossroads

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https://soundcloud.com/janejacksoncoach/steveo-show-jane-jackson-interview-navigating-career-crossroads I really enjoyed my interview on The SteveO Show discussing my new book, Navigating Career Crossroads – How to Thrive when Changing Direction!  We chatted about what we need to do to make a successful career transition, what holds people back when it comes to progressing in their career, and how to build self […]

UK Book Review – Navigating Career Crossroads

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My new careers book, Navigating Career Crossroads, was recently reviewed by the UK Careers website, Talented Ladies Club.  I hope that my book will make it’s way into the homes of all executives in transition as well as women who are looking to return to the workforce after a break and feel daunted by the […]


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CAREER CHANGE SUCCESS STORY – GARY COSTA The experience of going through a redundancy is challenging for most people.  Success stories are encouraging to hear when you are in the midst of change. In the course of my work as a Career Coach I meet so many talented professionals who have been affected by organisational […]

Kwantlen University Interview – Job Search needs a Curious Mind

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I was honoured to be interviewed by Kristyl Clark recently for the Kwantlen University, Canada careers newsletter.  This is how to ensure success and momentum when job hunting.  Just click on their link below for their newsletter and great careers articles! http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs135/1103447194111/archive/1113445567096.html

What You Need to Know to Ace Your Job Interview

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  We tend to get quite worked up about interviews. With all eyes on you, the process can often feel like you are giving the presentation of your life. Few of us are great at interviews because we haven’t had many of them.  For most people, interviews can feel quite daunting. Many of us will […]